Wednesday Downtown [New era name planning] a great response ‼

Comedy duo and Cucumber appeared in the “Downtown on Wednesday” (TBS), a variety program that was broadcast on May 8.It challenges the plan “life which cannot be escaped until the new era name is hit”, and the Echo is called. This project that two people of the Hatsuse yuta of the sea cucumber and naoto Morishita are isolated to the apartment called Heisei so on the end of March, and the new era name is desperately expected.While thinking about the original issue made with auspicious characters such as “Keishin” and “Tenei”, Tsukkomi’s first-time walk on its own line, such as choosing a combination of strange feelings such as “Hime”. There is also effective use of hints, 5 days, 100 hours to reach the “Japanese”, not only cheer up in the studio, even on the net “Wow!””Maybe the two people who were most delighted with the order,” “I’m glad it was not a fight,” “really great combination for this project,” “I felt excited to get closer to the correct answer” Voice was raised. After the end of the broadcast, two people of the sea cucumber update the SNS.”The swimming pools are very good.””The super-harsh life was too spicy to go to the brink of madness, but the joy of escaping when you put out the correct answer will not be forgotten forever!!I spelled the joy when I hit the original issue. Http://

The project in downtown on Wednesday was a big response.

I also watched the broadcast of the other day, it was a very thrilling and interesting project.   Instead of carefully selecting the kanji from a dictionary or a source, it is how hard it is to find the correct answer in general knowledge.   Without professional knowledge, the type of kanji

Finite and almost infinite | Ω ·

Because it is like, the explosive power when I caught the correct answer was amazing.   It was a plan of longer than usual,

It was very impressive.

The fact that the number of theses is small in long, was also one of the work style reform of GW?   I hope to see a theory that is impressive in the future.

I can’t put up with cigarettes.


It was interesting from the place in the car.



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