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Jun Hasegawa (32) of the model announced in writing that he had divorced through his office 10 days. In writing, “This time, I, Jun Hasegawa has a period of marriage,” said, “there were a lot of happy things for the last eight years, and I have only gratitude for the fact that I had two children,” he told her thoughts to her ex-husband. In the future, “married couples will be eliminated, but I would like to live with a lot of love while cooperating with my father and mother without changing the future for children.” We hope that you will be able to keep a warm eye on our future. ” Her father is American and her mother is Japanese and Hasegawa is a model debut at the age of 15.Active in the regular model, such as [ViVi], to appear in many ads today.Married to a general man in June 2011, who was 25 years old.In December of that year, she gave birth to a girl who became the first child and a boy who was a second child in September 2002. ■ Hasegawa Jun comments This time, I, Jun Hasegawa has a period of marriage. For the last eight years I have had a lot of happiness, and I am only thankful that I have had two children. I would like to continue to live with a lot of love while working together as a father and a mother without changing the future for the children though the form of the married couple will be solved over time. We hope you will be able to keep a warm eye on our future, thank you. Http://

Jun Hasegawa announces divorce.

I have been an assistant of another sky before, the Times in Hawaii, such as the story of the marriage birth is Hasegawa Jun was impressive,

It seems that there were few scenes to talk on TV after childbirth.

I saw the video of the street shop of the other party who married only once, but it seems that there was not much to be talked about in detail.   Just as her character was bright and the smile was impressive,

Maybe you didn’t want to reveal the downside in real life.

I’m not even sure whether the bases were Japan in the first place.   Because I think that it is a favorable image to a woman and a man in the standpoint,

As a passing point of one divorce

Let’s hope that she will shake off the positive energy for her skin.


I didn’t seem to get divorced.



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