KanJani Murakami Shingo, Sangenjaya [Goukon] or ⁉

Murakami came out of a Chinese restaurant.Walk towards the intersection while chatting with the men, to the second bar

Sangenjaya (Setagaya-ku) is lined with an entertainer’s purveyors.The man with the black edge glasses came to the Chinese restaurant after 11 o’clock in the middle of April.”Seki Jani ∞” is Makoto Murakami (37).It is surprising to visit the popular shop where Johnny’s idol is full of 3000 yen, but Murakami is strangely familiar with the shop.And he joined the table at the center of the store.Two women are also present, and it seems to be a combination of three to two sexes. After opening the room at midnight, Murakami is in a relaxed mode.I moved to the bar in the corner of the pub town and entered the party. Speaking of Murakami, the magazine Scoop the love of staying with Kojima Ruriko in ‘ 17.The two deny their companionship, but in February this year they are reporting a secret meeting in a private room karaoke.If it becomes a combination, it is likely to be offended by the lump, but while Seki Jani is wavering in the uproar of Ryo Nishikido, this kind of relaxation may be necessary for Murakami. Http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/16436509/

The joint con of Makoto Murakami has been caught.

While being a popular idol group belonging to the Johnny’s office, it is Makoto Murakami active in various programs,

The plainclothes are completely aura zero.

It can be seen only by ordinary people, but it is unpleasant with it if it is dressed well.   Murakami has been a rumor with Ruriko Kojima, and is aimed at the moment of such a scoop,

Such a mating con is also caught.

However, the woman who is invited to the mating con though it is sure not to be able to meet the ordinary entertainer casually

What kind of connection do you have?

It is very worrisome.   This is to be an article, and is pursued from Matsuko,

I can imagine the flow of ambiguity.

It will be understood that there is no bomb statement in the variety of the show, it is not exciting as the side that is looking something.   Well, each person is a favorite, it may be that there is no way if you are tangled in various regulations and circumstances.


A normal person



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