TOKIO the [God correspondence] that Masahiro Matsuoka showed ⁉

After finishing the job and coming out of the building with the staff, Matsuoka shook hands with the female fans who waited.

It’s past four in the middle of April.The man who had put on a flashy jumper came out from the building near the TBS headquarters in Akasaka (Minato-ku).Masahiro Matsuoka of ‘ TOKIO ‘ (42).Matsuoka is truly known for his personality in Johnny’s.She quickly shook hands with female fans.But then I was really surprised.After getting into the car, Matsuoka immediately got off when he noticed that a fan was standing in front of the car, and was devoted to fan service. “Currently, Matsuoka is starring in the drama [Housekeeper’s Mittadono third series] (TV Asahi system), the first episode is recorded as a late-night band a satisfactory rating of 8.2%.Matsuoka also elan that he wants to connect to the future series as his masterpiece, “(TV station officials) Matsuoka’s performance in this work has become a hot topic, but the gentlemanly behavior to fans will also be a major factor in supporting the high audience rate. Http://

TOKIO Matsuoka’s God correspondence was fierce transcribed.

To get out of the car to notice the waiting for the fan

Truly God-ready |

That’s true.   If you are a popular entertainer, I think most people will go through the troublesome?   TOKIO was a unique group that was also in the band activity in the Johnny’s,

It seems that the music activity has not been made after that one of former members of Tatsuya Yamaguchi.

The thing is, I have to go out to variety and drama. The action of thinking about how TOKIO will Survive

It might be connected with such a god correspondence.

It is clear now that the idea of Tatsuya Yamaguchi was so sweet.


The size of professionalism



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