TV Asahi Takeuchi Yoshie [marriage] had been ‼

It became clear that he was married to a general man 10 days later, the TV Asahi’s announcer (33) appeared on the same day at the station’s news program “Press Station” (Monday to Friday, after 9 and 54), but did not touch the marriage in the program.He also didn’t wear a wedding ring on his left ring finger. According to the Department of Public Relations, Ana Takeuchi filed a marriage report in March of this year.She says she is not pregnant and continues to work.It was reported that it was a date with a general man of the medical relation of the same age as the weekly magazine in October last year, and the association was admitted. Ana Takeuchi was selected as Miss Keio in his university days and joined the bureau in April 2008.”Music Station”, “OMG FC ~ Japan Football Support Declaration”, etc., are currently in charge of sports from Monday to Thursday, and are the main caster on Friday. Http://

Yoshie Takeuchi It seems that Anna got married.

It is an announcer who is in charge of sports at a news station, but when I look at it, it is very bright and lively.   I did not know that I was happy in my private life.

However, it is a mystery why it did not announce.

A word is announced in the live broadcast,


I think that it is good even if there is a flow of, it might be a thing that I did not want to fuss after all. It might have been intentional not to wear a ring.   It is possible to marry without being caught in the weekly magazine though it is very unexpected. Are reporters too busy?   Ana Takeuchi among the announcer

There is a lot of target.

I think it was, it was a form that slipping well.   Perhaps there was a greeting to parents when they got married. Was such a place set up in the high alert stance?   It is expected to be active as an ace of TV Asahi in the future.


When you don’t barre, you won’t.



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