Modern Japanese, Jomon DNA [10%] ⁉

The National Science Museum team announced the results of the study, which said the modern Japanese inherited about 10% of the DNA that the Jomon people had in their ancestors.Although the genome (all genetic information) of the Jomon people had been partially analyzed, it was analyzed based on the whole genome which had been decoded for the first time. It is thought that the Yayoi people came to the Japan archipelago 3,000 years ago from the Korean peninsula, and it was mixed with the Jomon people.The proportion of the “Jomon people genome” inherited by modern people was high among the Ainu people living in Hokkaido and those living in Okinawa.The team is likely to be a clue to the complex origins of the Japanese. Http://

Today’s Japanese are 10% of the Jomon people’s DNA.

And what not

Are you in the Yayoi series?

Is it a Jomon system?

Because I thought that it is a story that is divided into two, I’m sorry I lost a little fortune-telling element.   However, it is an interesting story that the Jomon gene is small unexpectedly.   Since the years have passed, I think it is natural to have a variety of mixed, even among such,

The traces of Okinawa and Ainu remain strong,

I feel something very romantic in history.   When we saw the Koreans,

It’s a little different from the Japanese, right?

I get the impression that, in that case it is a thing that there is still a difference in the ratio of the DNA of the ancestor.   Interesting story | Ω ·


The model is like a musician in Showa.



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