Finally Banksy [himself] or ⁉

Speaking of the world’s most famous graffiti artists, there is no other place to put Banksy.A strong message of peace, anti-power, anti-capitalism, and so on, has made the world’s name in the latter half of the 1990s, and the value of the painting has now exceeded 100 million yen. However, nobody knows the true character of Banksy yet.It is because it never shows up although the picture is left drawn in the town in the world.It is exactly a living legend, but this time, it is said that the true identity of Banksy finally turned out. It is Scott Weling, a global UFO researcher, who swears that he has stripped the veil of secrecy.His eagle Eye (keen insight) misses nothing more than a UFO. Now, the next photograph that Mr. Weling gave as conclusive evidence.This was taken at the Walled Off Hotel, run by Banksy, which opened in Bethlehem in Israel in March 2017. The original photo was published by “Evening Standard” (as of March 3, 2017), and it is one scene when the hotel interior was opened to the media before opening.The photo shows that the visitors are looking at the bed, but Mr. Weling does not think that this person is just a visitor. “If I had seen the photos of the Banksy hotel, I would have found Banksy by chance.He has a smartphone with both hands and is hitting the text.He holds the same as he does when he grips Mike.Yes, Banksy is a famous musician, “said

It seems that Banksy was finally put in the picture himself.

There is certainly one man in the picture, but the fact that no one knows the truth is that we cannot get confirmation.

It will be to wait for the person to admit it.

In addition, it is a UFO researcher that comments are put out,

It is a pity that it becomes more hard to trust.

But Banksy is leaving the work abroad without barre is amazing.   Easy task should not be vigilant.

If you hide your face or something in reverse, you will be suspicious

You might be lining up at the airport in plain clothes.   I want to see the person in question because a mysterious feeling is attractive, too.

I feel that I want it to be a mistake.


I want to know, but I don’t.



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