Tatsuya Yamaguchi, the impact of appearance [upheaval] ‼

At 1 p.m. in early May, the temperature in Tokyo exceeded 20 °c, and sweat became cheerful.The strong sunshine deprived me of my strength, and the man cannot stand up easily.The walk from the station to the House for about fifteen minutes was forced to suspend. Five minutes later, the man wakes up and begins to walk again to his home.However, the foot stagger occasionally, and it sinks in the street. No one was aware that this man was a former member of TOKIO, Tatsuya Yamaguchi (47 years old), who went on the road.One year after that, he had disappeared from the public, and he continued to fight now. It was last April that the great scandal of the national Idol unsettling their the world.Yamaguchi called the two high school girls whom he had met at the law of R (NHK E Tele) who was a moderator in the apartment house, and approached the kiss forcibly.The case came to light by the schoolgirl’s filing of the damage report to Metropolitan Police, and Yamaguchi opened an apology conference on April 26. On May 2, four members of Shigeru Kijima (age 48), Taichi Kokubu (44 years old), Masahiro Matsuoka (age 42), and Tomoya Nagase (40 years old) held an emergency interview over an hour and a half, apologizing for Yamaguchi’s scandals.Four days later, Yamaguchi announced an exit from the Johnny’s office. At that time, Yamaguchi was hospitalized in the recuperation facility in the outskirts of Tokyo.It was to concentrate on the treatment of a certain chronic disease.A medical official who knows the condition of Yamaguchi says. “After the incident was revealed, Mr. Yamaguchi was reported to be suspected of alcoholism, but the true disease was ‘ manic depression ‘.To concentrate on this treatment, he transference to the hospital where he puts his power in the mental clinic. “Manic Depression’s official name is bipolar disorder.The rate of the patient in the Japan is made to be 4 to 7 people in 1000 people in the sickness which repeats the “manic state” which becomes high tension when feeling clears up, and becomes lethargic in depression. “He has been in a mood swings and mentally unstable state for more than five years, and was able to cause trouble by relying on alcohol to erase anxiety.A year ago, the incident was in the background of many years of illness, and after the incident, Mr. Yamaguchi put a serious effort into “absolutely cure this time” and began treatment at a specialized medical institution.Last summer, I was discharged from this hospital, and I continued counseling and rehabilitation regularly while I was hospitalized. “http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/16465880/

The upheaval Buri of Tatsuya Yamaguchi is a shock.

It has become an old man of a completely normal beard side.   Well, I’ve already been leaving the Johnny’s office,

Because it is not doing the entertainment activity,

They are ordinary people in the treatment,

There is no need to glitter.

It might have become such a figure in the thing that the person in question does not want to stand out.

The power of the image of the appearance is amazing.

It was a type of athletic association in the TOKIO of Tatsuya Yamaguchi, but now there is no trace,

The physical strength seems to have fallen, too.

It might be a hindrance to daily life.   The limit might have been close even if it continued the entertainment activity well. It is a translation that the music activity of TOKIO has stopped completely by the omission of Yamaguchi Tatsuya, but it is a nuisance to other members if you do not allow the direction of music to resume.   Because it is not to be made to return smoothly to say,

Almost as a band broke up

It seems better to be aware of such.   High School Girls

Don’t bother to go.

It was a moyamoya that remained, but trying to kiss is completely out.


There seems to be no return or stage



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