The overturned house is open ⁉

[AFP = Current Events] 18 days on the coast of England, Brighton (Brighton), overturned house “Upsode Down House” appeared.It was set up for tourists and will be open for one year.You can look around the house and enjoy a surreal selfie. Http://

The overturned house seems to have opened.

The idea of having the house turned upside down is novel.   Is there a strong artistic element? The impact of the’ll have when I saw it in the photograph seems to be strong.   Well the architecture is also designed to be calculated,

A house of an overturned appearance

It is thought that

But what if this is something to see in tourism?

A little doubt remains.   If you’re flipping a little more British-ish people,

Second attraction

I think that it is a house.

Do you need to be in England?

I don’t even know if the house is British or not.   But it is a little diagonally, something is pretty | Ω ·)


Temporary photo spots



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