Mr. Hiroyuki, people who spend too much money on holidays…

Is there really a way to live without spending as much money as possible? The Internet “2-channel” former Administrator, and “Nikoniko” is known as the name, Hiroyuki Nishimura (43) The book “Story of Invincible money to live from now” (Koyangkan) is calling the topic.Mr. ‘m broke, a reporter, was hit by Hiroyuki in his temporary return from Paris. -The disparity society is coming more and more from now.I do not think that the flow of inequality will change globally.That’s why I think it’s better to know beforehand that life doesn’t change even if you have money. “-If you have money, you can also drink sake and play with your sister.Maybe you can marry Satomi Ishihara!? “The person who bought it with money” knows the other party, and I think that it cannot become happy after all.In that sense, I hate customs.The sexual desire might be able to be satisfied, but is not the situation that is unpleasant that the prostitutes get money and are disgusting? However, because I like to know the market sense of what the child of the level is working in what kind of the system of manners, I visited the red light of Tokita Shinchi and Netherlands in Osaka (laughter)-gambling experience, such as horse racing and pachinko “there is.In 1993, when I watched a new horse race of the horses named bodyguard on TV, I won the next run because I was going off when I put what little 1000 yen in the rider, and it was not suited.After that, the Daily Cup 3-year-old was a horse that won the Naritab Ryan (laughter).Pachinko is a prep school student, I heard that the opening of the newly renovated, I hit it with the little 1000 yen, but I was not fit after all.I do not miss the sense of 1000 yen hourly wage of part-time job in high school “–I do not know the sweat to hold the hand,” what is it?When I go to Las Vegas or abroad, I play blackjack at the casino.It is a place where you can continue drinking beer for free if you play a game in a lazy casino (laughter).The value of the expectation doubles because five dollars can play for a real ten dollars by using the ticket when it is the first casino to go.If you know the expectation of other gambling if you say conversely, it is foolish to think about making money.No, I think it’s good if you have fun in the hobby, after all, it is best not to use it to increase the money “-I do not use it to have money,” Wow, I hate spending money and time on things that I don’t want.I thought that I would buy a luxury watch because it was an adult accomplishments.But when I checked and compared, I found out that there are many brands, except Rolex, Audemars Piguet, and Jaeger-le-Kurt are OEM (the original brand name manufacturer).Because there is a clock in the smartphone, there is no trouble without a wristwatch.In the end, if you only grasp the time, there is no necessity to be a wristwatch (laughter)–but girlfriend women have to present their brand… “No, if you want to be popular, you can pay money directly from the brand, or take them to the 30,000-yen Robuchon (* fine French restaurant).I think that the person who wears the brand product is not sense just wanting to be popular with the floaty masses.Well, I’m investing in a brand, so I’m thankful that there are people like that….If you say more, people who spend too much money on holidays are stupid. “If you want to increase your holiday without working as much as possible, spending more on holidays is funny in the long run.I think it’s better to take photos and videos, play music, have fun and live with a hobby that doesn’t spend too much money. “-I’m ready to work until I’m dead.” I feel that the Japanese are too glamorized to work.France, 60% of the people do not pay income tax, get a housing allowance, almost free medical expenses.Railroad officials have demanded a mechanism that they can retire at the age of 50 and do not work, “honest and good” (laughter)-too honest… “It is impossible to work until the elderly die, and if you try to do the same job as in the Twenties, it is also to rob the employment of young people as a result.So I think even more people who receive life protection as a transitional period to realize the extreme story, basic income (the lowest life security of the people uniform) is more than I think.There is no doubt that it is easier and more valuable not to spend money than to insist on earning anyway!Http://

Mr. Hiroyuki talked about money.

Personally, I have not been affected so much, but this content

A little funny | Ω ·

I decided to leave as an article because I felt.   The above-mentioned service pays 1000 yen and the hourly wage and the story of a thousand yen,

It was impressive because I had a similar experience.

For example, if you eat out on a holiday and have a lunch of 1,000 yen, you can spend an hour working on something that ends in 15 minutes or 20 minutes.

It hurts quite a lot, isn’t it?

If the motivation of the job is low,

It is 1,000 yen which is very difficult.

I don’t want to make the choice to use it for lunch easily.   However, the more painful the job is, the

I want to have lunch and watch movies on holidays.

A system that many people are balancing is established.   Lunch, movie, Disneyland, cabaret, drinking, manners, genre, different.

Basically it is for workers.

Mr. Hiroyuki’s remark that it is better not to spend money is made to be convinced.   If you want to save, you should not pay

You should let the stress diverge as much as possible.

The best situation is that the work is not stressful and fulfilling

It is a situation that does not need to be divergent.

If you don’t use it, you will accumulate more and more.


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