Ayaka Hironaka, the hated Joshi Ana [sudden levitation] ‼

It was “bumped up” from the late night to Saturday at 10pm, “he brought a very rare Mr.(TV Asahi), “research assistant” Ayaka Hironana (28).”Anti” has rapidly emerged in the second place in Oricon’s “Favorite Joshi Ana Rankings” announced last December.The photo Magazine “FLASH” On sale (May 28 issue) was featured in the first place in the “Girls Ana dislike to choose viewers”, was selected in the fourth place in the magazine of the female announcer who hates the television industry. The characteristic of Hiroin Ana is a character of invective.Audrey Wakabayashi, a co-star (40) also says Zukezuke and things.He was a different person when he was wearing a cat at M-Ste, who was in charge for nearly five years. Mr. Hiroyuki Sasaki of the entertainment critic says so. “There are clear reasons why Hirobe is disliked by Ana.The “M-Ste” which served as a sub-MC of Tamori and “Mr. Rare” is considered to be a big attitude is different from “two sides” or “Sneakashi” etc., and it is likely to be shunned from the middle-aged and elderly people mainly in women.However, Audrey Wakabayashi is a top-class entertainer in the comedy world.Ana may not have been looking down at him, and maybe he is just going to be a moderator exactly as a script.It is because there is the technology that has been able to turn the talk without feeling it to the viewer as an announcer, “the ■ Instagram” processing suspicion “is also official Instagram of Hiroin Ana is 300,000 followers.In the picture that was uploaded on May 13, the voice of “I want to be a member of Nogizaka 46” and “cute” is after another.However, the real Hiroshi Ana is like “Chico-chan” or “Chibi Maruko-chan” of NHK.Therefore, “Insta processing suspicion” was also reported in part in the past. Last year, the popular rock band “ONE OK ROCK” with guitarist Toru was also the scoop.These events overlap, and it may be that Ana is getting irritated by the women of the world and increasing anti-virus. “Female viewers have a tough side for female announcers and actresses.I also see criticism of the Ruriko Kojima, such as the media for women, and the article, but the underlying “even though not very beautiful, there is a feeling that flattery a man is untidy”.It might be angry at the man who extends the nose while grinning it.Maybe the “likes” of Hiroshi Hironana might be seen, but she has a quick head rotation and a mental strength, so a little criticism would be the Hecchchara.There is also the possibility that the nerve of women is rubbed up again.What I can tell you is that tele-morning is duty in the conviction of the Hironana, “http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/16481868/

Ayaka Hirohara seems to have emerged in the girls ‘ Ana hated.

The title of the hated female announcer is quite a lot of women vote jealous of cuteness. Because I think that it is a type to rank in the favorite one and the hated one,

It is exactly the pattern of Takuya Kimura.

Is it the reverse pattern of Tetsuro Degawa?   As an individual, I wrote it before, but when I heard the times of the guest who appeared in Audrey’s All-night Nippon [Radio],

The impression became very good.

If you say this,

Did you feel bad about your previous impressions?

It is likely to be heard in the feeling that, but it is never such a thing.   Because I think that it is a strong restraints and the announcer of the Bureau, the position of the assistant in a variety of programs, but if given the opportunity to express freely to her

I think it would be helpful to come out with a very interesting idea.

As is so many popular girls announcer, I do not want to become the presence of a variety of talent simply become a free.


The geezer is repelled.



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