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This time, “Gem (ore) water” was introduced in the blog as “Favorite goods of the use” by the talent (47).Fujiwara-San has been known for having taken up hydrogen water and oxygen water in a blog, and the reaction such as “whether it became addicted to a new water in the Internet” is also out in the net. Some manufacturers seem to have put out the product by the name of “Gem Water” and “ore water”, but what kind of water is it?

“I was moved by what I received recently”

I was moved by what I had recently.On May 5, 2019, Mr. Fujiwara updated the blog with the theme of “Nori or favorite goods” and introduced “Gem Water”. It is a product that an overseas manufacturer puts out, and the ore put in the glass is contained in the bottle.Looking at the Japanese version of the site, there is dozens ore, what Fujiwara’s introduced in the blog, it was 25000 yen tax included.It is said that it was gotten from the guest who came to watch the stage. Fujiwara-San said, “I put my favorite oxygen water in a bottle and combine it with the energy of the ore,” and said, “When I put water in this, it became more sweet, mellow, and delicious”. And, when water changes, the body makes from inside… It was written, “It is good to choose the energy stone which is necessary for the present oneself because there is a meaning in the ore in the new equation of health and the mind and beauty”. When we look at the official website of the sales company that we are dealing with Japan, we explain that each ore has a different energy, and that it is jewel water that moves the waves into water and incorporates them into the body.And, for each mineral (blend), there was the one that it was introduced as “toward the cold circulation”.Fujiwara-San’s blog content, there were many things that introduced the product introduction on the site as it is. The product named “Gem Water” and “ore water” seems to put out other manufacturers, too. In the product description of a different trader, to maintain a beautiful and healthy body environment if ingested, to calm the tension and relax, and the like. As for the thing that Fujiwara-San introduced the Gem Water by the blog, various opinions were written on Twitter and the Internet bulletin board.”It’s a nice bottle,” and there’s also a friendly voice, “What about the scientific?There are also questions and criticisms. Mr. Fujiwara has been introduced by the blog one after another with hydrogen water and oxygen water, and the voice “it is addicted to a new water” or “Fujiwara Norika where it is headed…” is also successive.

Sales Company “I never said it would work, but I can feel it.”

The company in Tokyo, which sells this product Japan, explained the following information about gem water on May 15, in response to J-CAST news coverage. “It is a natural remedy using ore in Germany and Eastern Europe.It is the same as there is the one using the grated yam and the radish in the Japan.It might be thought that it is a story of the eyebrows, and the amount of oxygen increases by putting the ore in water, and the PH value changes (indicating acidity and alkalinity, etc.).The effect is different depending on the ore.I put the ore in the glass considering the hygiene, but the effect does not change “the effect of putting the ore into water, and the data such as the PH number becomes more alkaline than overseas manufacturers have been examined by the research institution It was later revealed in additional coverage.In addition, even if the ore is put into glass, it was explained that the wave of energy is transmitted from the glass to water. There is a possibility that it violates the pharmaceutical affairs law when I sing the effect etc., “I have not said that it will work, but I think that I understand if I feel it.” About Fujiwara’s blog, I found out on the next day, “I have no acquaintance at all, I have not put out any money,” he said.Some of the content of the blog, about the fact that it is a quote from the site of the Japanese version of the company, “I was surprised to be copied, but I think that there is no problem because you have written neatly”. On the 14th day of his office, Mr. Fujiwara said, “Since I am writing a personal thing, I have not received coverage about what is introduced in the blog,” he replied. Http://

It seems that Norika Fujiwara is addicted to the jewel water thing.

Because she seems to be experiencing oxygen water and hydrogen water, etc.

It may be the type that wants to dilute it with water and drink anything.

The act of selling proclaims when energy comes out from the stone also feels very vicious, but it might be a thing that many people buy that much. He is good in business.   I can understand that ore and jewels feel somehow mysterious,

What if I buy a maker?

I think it’s important to have a personal affinity or an intuitive part. The manufacturer does not guarantee the energy from the stone.   Well, because there is a thing called fashion in the person of the layer with a high social status,

The scientific basis will be secondary.

Even if there is any scientific harm in some way, it will be used without hesitation if it is fashionable.

The power to believe is strong.

Being in a state of mind that makes you want to rely on natural energy is a situation that is unexpectedly realistic |


Happiness If you can feel the energy



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