What is [5G] starting next year ⁉

Q. What is the “5G” service that starts Japan? A a new communication system used for mobile phones. On the 10th of this month, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Inc. assigned 5G Radio to four mobile phones.NTT DoCoMo, KDDI (AU) and SoftBank are trying to start a service “around June 20,” such as “Spring 2020” and “March 20”. Q Why is it called 5G? A “G” represents “generation” with the initials of “Generation”.In a word, it uses it in the meaning of the communication method of the fifth generation.In the 1980s, the “1G” was just talking on the phone, but the communication speed increased for each generation, and now “4G” became the video to be able to admire the smartphone.5G increases the communication speed even tens of times more. Q Why did you come to be able to do that? If you compare a communication with a highway, the car that runs there is the data.5G uses a new frequency band to create a road in a vacant lot and take a wider lane.We also use groundbreaking technology to build dozens of floors of roads. Q What new things can I do? A data arrives faster, using the features of 5G to be able to connect a lot of communication equipment such as smartphone, it is considered more convenient service.For example, doctors can examine patients who live far away, or automatically drive cars and farm tractors.When you watch a sports game on TV, you can put on your own goggles, and you’ll be able to experience what you’re seeing at the game venue. Q does the usage fee go up? A docomo says, “If you can offer at the same rate as the current smartphone”.They seem to be changing very much now. Http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/16496434/

5G service seems to start from next year.

In many places [5G] (five-gee) word has come out, but remote medical care something is not quite groundbreaking?   If good doctor is moved to the hospital where the patient is hospitalized every time,

The number of surgeries will also be limited,

It is a great thing that remote control can be done in the home of good doctor.   Because the thing like the operation is the one that the moment is important,

It is an absolute condition that the operation is transmitted smoothly in real time.

If it is a communication speed of 5G, it will be possible to do that.   In a familiar place, when you play a video or something on a smartphone, etc., it may not be moving environmentally crispy,

When was the time?

I think it can be played smoothly.   Update and PC system, even download work,

In a moment | Ω ·

?   If it is offered at the same rate and not expensive, it is not so grateful.


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