Messi [The Messi Store] Open ⁉

“The SUN” said on 23rd, “Lionel Messi will launch a worldwide internet shopping site in July.” According to the article, Messi teamed up with a brand management company called MGO to open a site called “The Messi Store” with designer Tommy Hilfiger. There will be a sporty apparel bearing the name of Messi will be developed, most of them are mens, but the items of women are included slightly. We are planning to release a new product every week.It seems to be a system that produces the first lot in small quantities, and adds it to the regular line at the stage that it is found that there is demand. The project is deeply involved by Lionel Messi’s sister, Maria Sol Messi, and her work in New York is centered. It is famous that Cristiano Ronaldo is developing apparel with the brand “CR7”. Http://

Messi seems to be opening a fashion site.

I think that it seems to be good even if you do not have to make such a way during active duty, I would be glad story from the fan.   Since he is a world-famous star of soccer, I think that it will sell to the fair if it is a design safe one,

If I get the thing that the big deficit is riding in tone,

It seems to be affected by the precision of dribbling.   Even though the brand of Messi

I feel a little disappointed when the country of production is Asia,

I want to check the quality of the product.   I want to see the place to hit the jackpot oppositely.


It’s too wacky to sell.



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