Shiori Yamao, lawyer and [unauthorized] Los Travel ‼

The Constitutional Democratic Party, the Council of the House of Representatives of the Committee of the 23rd, clarified that the party was traveling abroad without notifying the House of Representatives of Shisakurasato Yamao, an apology.Sanae Takichi, Chairman of the committee, said, “I would like to ask each faction not to do such a thing.” Mr. Yamao traveled to Los Angeles with Rintaro Kuramochi, a policy adviser, during a large holiday.Overseas travel during the diet session must be submitted with a written document describing the purpose and schedule, and the Board of directors should obtain approval.In writing, Mr. Yamao replied that he had visit without the necessary procedures to the House of Representatives during the large holiday.The purpose of the trip was to observe the political and economic situation. On the 11th of this month, Mr. Yamao attended a study session on the Constitution of a citizen volunteer, including a standing supporter held in Tokyo, as a “one-person”.The lecturer was a former Secretary-General of the LDP, Shigemoto ishifracture.So, Mr. Yamao said, “is the role of the political party in the constitutional debate functioning? I was worried about it, “said Ishiba,” lecturer, “and two people approached the Buri of the topic. Last month, Mr. Yamao, who responded to this paper’s coverage in the diet, said “the political party is fulfilling its original role function to the Edano executive department, which is not proceeding with the constitutional debate.I do not want to stand out, and I think the response of the executive department, “I’m not sure,” I was frustrated. On the other hand, in the presence of a strong sense of vigilance to the double selection in public, against Mr. Yamao who traveled to Mr. Kuramochi and Ross without even going back to the constituency during the holidays, “are you willing to go out in the House of Representatives election?”The voice of the question has risen. A standing member said, “in the discussion of constitutional amendments, Mr. Yamao’s action to close with the Liberal Democratic Party Shigeru Ishiba suffers from understanding.The impression that the party is put away is strong.If you want to proceed with the constitutional debate within the party, you should persuade the executive department, but it does not.Mr. Yamao’s “trip” with Kuramochi at Golden Week is not a politician’s move toward reelection, “he said. Http://

Ross Trip to Yamao Shisakurasato was discovered.

Moreover, it is a big problem because it is an unauthorized thing. It is the act as a congressman.   The difference between men and women has been taboo, but the rate of female lawmakers causing problems

Pretty high

That’s true.   There is also a thing that there are few female lawmakers originally,

What is that person and this person?

There is such an image. I remembered Obuchi wine after a long time in the report of Takanohana.   This is Shisakurasato Yamao,

Can’t stand the business trip with a lawyer?

This is often reported.   It is a personal opinion, but I doubt the person who voted for this person who was not really elected.

If the opposition is stupid, it will weaken the persuasive force to pursue.

Even if the other party is questioned

What are you doing?

It’s over. The politician doesn’t seem to understand a basic part unexpectedly.   I think a part of the congressman is going to improve the country in the first place. Even if you say such a thing, because it does not change something, it is a person who should not be allowed to win a simple.


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