Former KAT-TUN, Junnosuke Taguchi [arrest] the suspect ‼

TOKIO (44) is a live performance in TBS “Bitbit” (8/00 from Monday to Friday) broadcast on 23rd of the MC.On the 22nd afternoon, the former member of the “KAT-TUN”, who was arrested in charge of the Drug Enforcement Department in the Ministry of actress Komine Reina (38) in association with suspected violations of the cannabis Control Law, mentioned the singer, Junnosuke Taguchi (33). I watched the VTR of the arrest of Taguchi suspects of the beginning of the show with a stiff expression, “News of the impact came yesterday.Former KAT-TUN Taguchi was arrested for cannabis… “said Kokubu.Taguchi when the suspect was affiliated with the Johnny’s office, it is good that you have had a meal several times, “Taguchi that I know was not such a guy.It seems to be really pure, and to hear the trouble of work, to hear private troubles, and to hide the shock that the shock is really large.”However, when it comes to such reports, the name of the former KAT-TUN is attached to the title.KAT-TUN is still working hard to protect KAT-TUN by three people.KAT-TUN, the name of the original KKAT-TUN is also hurt.I wanted you to have a little more awareness, “he said. “I think the fans are a big shock because they planned a nationwide tour,” he recalled. The Drug Enforcement Department of Kanto-shinetsu Welfare Bureau searched the home apartment of Taguchi suspect in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo over noon from the morning of 22.A few grams of dried cannabis in a small bag were seized, and a drug appraisal resulted in a positive reaction and the offender was arrested at 1:47pm. Suspicion of arrest charges were in possession by conspiring with some dried marijuana at home in Setagaya Ward on the 22nd.It was judged that two people were in the internal relation, and “the situation admitted to the shared thing of two people” and possession by collusion.They also seized a bunch of paper-grinder, or a piece of tape, to crush cannabis.Investigators said, “the marijuana was crushed and wrapped in paper and smoked like a cigarette.I’m not a beginner, “noted the height of addiction.The same department has not clarified the two members ‘ arraignment. Taguchi allegedly joined the Johnny’s office in 1999.In 2006, he debuted as a member of “KAT-TUN” with a single “Real Face” CD debut.KAT-TUN, who was enrolled for 10 years, left the Johnny’s office in March 2004.After withdrawal, she continues performing arts activities at a private office.As a solo singer, he signed up with a major record company in April of 2005, but singles did not hit about 4,400 sales.The national label will be launched in July and September.The concert was scheduled to be held in Shiga on June 1, and a series of arrests were received at the venue. Http://

Junnosuke Taguchi The suspect has been arrested.

No way, Junnosuke Taguchi! There are many who think that?   I thought he was leaving the Johnny’s office and returning to the public.

The entertainment activity was resumed, didn’t it?

Did not know at all.   So even when you Johnny’s the Office,

He was already a funny person, wasn’t he?

It is no choice even if it is thought.   However, if the Tanaka of the priest who was the same member, the feeling that seems to be evil somehow is drifting, even if the character, such as a refreshing appearance, such as Junnosuke Taguchi suspect

Bad is bad, isn’t it?

It became study.   It is more bad if you do not understand the appearance rather. Is it a thing that the entertainer who is not going out to the television suddenly still is doubtful?


I don’t know what it looks like.



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