People with high incomes make their own meals ⁉

I want to start a hobby to be addicted to something, but I do not care about the problem of money just take one step.The “money-free hobby” that I give to such a person is information.From what everyone knows, to a niche, you’ll find a hobby that you’ll love.This time, the merits of cooking is a hobby that is a lot of rich people, to introduce the All about the Wealth management Guide of the Temple (how do you) Mr. Toshio. A money-free hobby “cooking” check sheet > ■ For people who want to save a lot of food and drinks ■ Enjoy: from 10 minutes to a few months ■ Cost: 500 yen to 1,000 yen as the cost of the ingredients

Why do rich people make food their hobbies?

There are many people who have a high annual income around me who “can cook” as a condition to ask a marriage partner, but rich men are instinctively realizing the importance of food.And surprisingly, according to the 2014 survey of Diners Club, people with high incomes have a higher percentage of their own cooking. This is a story that can be nodded to the senses, and even a successful person around me does not have a few people who cook themselves.I have never been conscious of my relationship with my annual income, but this is also a spiritual support for my own cooking. The advantage that I felt when I actually tried cooking is that it is a change of pace because I work on intently.I am absorbed in my thinking, worrying, and unpleasant things while cooking.For instance, while doing the fine work of peeling and chopping the skin of the vegetable, and beating the stripe of the meat and pulling the small bone of the fish, it is really mokumoku and it is done. Http://

People with high incomes seem to cook by themselves.

Like there’s a rationale?

Not like that?

The feeling is a little, but what is it?   If the food is burnt and the ingredients are sure, it is not able to eat.

Because it is directly connected to the loss,

You may be learning the process of achieving your goals in a place where you can take measures to escape the worst, or act carefully.   People who are afraid of failure in the first place

Don’t try to cook

Therefore, I want to make the goal achievement a reality while becoming innocent by simple work.


Let’s cook and become rich.



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