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“It’s sudden, but I’m going to get divorced.Get divorced!On May 19, Isono (55) announced the divorce in the morning that woke up early… (Fuji Television System). “Time being, why don’t you want to hear.If I wait, I want my child.Oh, I see.I thought so.’ I say something, I ‘ (said over there) ‘ it is not selfish.It’s a natural thing.It’s not obvious… Isono was talking to the bright, cheerful, even while smiling tears in the eyes. “The other side worked hard.Well, I thought you were with me.It seems at all.I have no choice but to thank you. The appearance to tell the desire of gratitude to Mr. T who was 24 years younger while laughing hit the chest of the viewer.On the net, “tears Do not Stop” “I can not say anything if you want a child” and voice after another.There was a criticism “it was sure to have understood from the beginning” to Mr. T “The child was wanted”, too. Isono divorced former manager S, who is 7 years younger.And he remarried to a man, who was twenty-four years younger.Isono was 48 years old at the time.The two of them were supposed to walk through a life without children.But this time, the two of them have become sleeve.Mr. T’s acquaintance says. “Mr. T became more and more flashy.It changed from a refreshing image to a wild impression, and it was popular from female customers.After closing the shop late at night, I often went to the famous Sapper club in Roppongi.It is a shop where celebrities and Miss Cabaret also go in and out, and have spent more than hundreds of thousands of yen overnight.”It’s OK to have a shop with Mariko’s money,” and the voice of worry was also raised “the magazine went to the bar that he manages in Tokyo to hear the story of Mr. T. This bar is a store that Isono has invested in for opening.Mr. T who decided to sit down with a white shirt on the bow tie stood.But if you want to hear the story, “I refuse to interview you…” and a word.And I replied to He looked reserved, “I’m tired, too.” After that, Mr. T came out of the shop at about one thirty at midnight when the date changed.It was an apartment house of the Isono that the foot was headed. “The morning that woke up early…” At the time of the recording of Isono, Mr. T said, “It is still in the House”, and the filing of the divorce report was told, “Future”.However, it was reported that the divorce report had already been submitted after it broadcast.Still, the cohabitation had continued. Http://

The article of the former husband of Eriko Isono was out.

It is a talent who reported the divorce on TV the other day, but the former husband Isono

I want my own child.

It seems to have divorced being said.   Well I think there was also a scene where the eyes of the public outrage for this opinion is directed to the ex-husband, even if I personally married thinking that I do not have children from the beginning,

People’s opinions and ways of thinking change, don’t they?

I think.   And the reason for the child is that Mariko Isono

Is not it a little talent should speak make an example nationwide?

Because the husband is a public translation, one side used the recognition level, and there was a part where it seemed to be an act to request sympathy.

Well, there might have been a part of revenge even from Isono.

However, even if the child wanted, if the bond of the couple was certain, the husband

Get divorced because I want kids

Without saying,

I’m happy enough to have no children.

It should have been an opinion. That kind of happy couple is all over the world.   The problem between the married couple is a problem of the man and woman still though the improvement of a female social status is shouted today

It is a thing that there is a cause mutually.

If you talk about the impression well, the thing that you get divorced twice,

I personally think there is something wrong with the person.

I don’t think it’s the right thing to continue your marriage in the worst of relationships.


You saved my life once.



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