Daisuke Muramoto [Let’s legalize cannabis] ⁉

Daisuke Muramoto of the comedy duo “Woman Rush Hour” (38) updated his Twitter on Thursday.Celebrities accused of legalizing cannabis while drug arrests continued. A former member of the idol group “KAT-TUN” on the 22nd, the singer, Junnosuke Taguchi (33) and the actress and Reina of a Friend of association (38) have been arrested in the Kanto Shinetsu Welfare Bureau Drug Enforcement Department (aka Matri) suspected of violating the cannabis control law , The former actress Saya Takaki (real name, Ikue Ikue, 55) on Twitter “I want to meet the world standards.Cannabis has been rewritten by the common sense that it contributes to industry, medical care and a recycling-oriented society. ” Muramoto said on this day, “Let’s legalize cannabis” was a shout. Http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/16519249/

Daisuke Muramoto made a tweet about legalizing cannabis.

This person seems to be a promotion sect.

Why can we do such a positive activity?

If you reverse it,

Know how great cannabis is

It is not funny to be taken by the wind, if you do not know at all,

Information in the head is just moving

It is not persuasive at all.   One of the suspects is quite shocking, but some entertainers, Junnosuke Taguchi

Are you trying to make the Cannabis Control Act safe?

If you need it as a medical care,

I think we should speak for medical reasons only.

Even if there is no harm or dependence on cannabis, there is no reason to committing legalization if you think about the probability of becoming an entrance to the use of stimulants.   The thing that the preference person to use more than once,

Because it means that it is effective,

Isn’t it already suggesting the possibility of dependence?

The story of foreign or world standards is out of the question.

Japan is something that moves with Japan own laws.


Luxury goods.



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