The man of hemp cookie making [relax when eating] ⁉

The Fukuoka Prefectural police West Department announced on Tuesday that he had been arrested for violating the Cannabis Control Law (48), a man in the paint industry in Minami-ku, Fukuoka City. I seized a “cannabis cookie” = photo = from a man’s home, mixed with cannabis. According to the announcement, the man planted 95 strains of hemp at home on April 16, and suspected that the dried cannabis was possessed of about 360 grams (terminal price of about 1.8 million yen).It is said that it cultivated by using the Styrofoam and the pot in the tin hut of the home site. In addition to cannabis cookies, the mixer and the type which make the cookie were found from the home.The man said, “I felt relaxed when I ate cookies.”The department has been trying to find out whether it is for commercial use and not giving it to others for profit. The man was arrested on the same day by the current offense, and Fukuoka District examination was indicted by the law in Fukuoka by May 17 (possession, cultivation). Http://

The man who produced the cannabis cookie was arrested.

Because there is a person who does such a thing while knowing that it is illegal,

It’s just a luxury goods of legalization.

People who are active in the hope that the legalization probably

People who have already begun

. Because it would be possible to take possession and use without being arrested.   Most Japan people do not feel the need to make legalization. Because I have no experience of using

I don’t know how good it is,

I do not know the danger.   Like many people, I have never used them, so I am against the activities towards legalization.   There may be some areas that should be understood as medical or therapeutic.

I think that it is not necessary at all if it is luxury goods.

Daisuke Muramoto expressed that [Japan is intolerance], but why do we need to be tolerant of cannabis?

Overseas is usually

It is often said, but it should not be a topic that can be introduced as a fashion fad.   Even if there is an economic effect, it does not have to be cannabis.   Like the suspects above, eating cannabis cookies

At the time of the relaxation effect

It is not good.   Is not it cultivated in the hut because it wants to use it actually again?


I don’t need to luxury goods.



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