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The fifth generation assistant Mr. of the period drama “Mito Yellow Gate” (TBS system), detective drama [sidekick] (TV Asahi system) handsome actor and Ryuji Harada to play the lieutenant.Recently, the information program “Crazy at Five!” (TOKYO MX) also served as a regular MC, also active in the variety show.The New Year’s Eve debut in the downtown, “Do not laugh absolutely” (Japan TV system) appeared as a role to laugh at, along with the naked entertainer Akira 100%, as “unarmed Deca”, such as to showcase the “naked art” that hides the crotch in one tray of silver well, Living room is gaining popularity. Married actress in 2001 in private.Harada is famous as a father of two children now as a character of worldly desires. It turns out that Harada has a relationship with more than one fan woman.A small magazine coverage group confirmed it based on the information that several female fans had sent to “Bunchun Lee”. Harada had reached the thing when the woman was put on the 4WD “Land Cruiser” which was the private car, and it parked in the side street of a vast sports park in the suburbs.There are also women who have a relationship in the region of the location. However, it was an aversion to the treatment that it was too blatant for Harada to say that women arranged the mouth. “Most of his cars.As soon as I parked at the usual place, I moved to the back seat.After that, it is sent to the nearest station.Annulled, “(one of the information provider B Child) May 26, the interview team directly hit Harada himself in front of the house.What were you doing together? The question is, Harada said, “… The truth is that we should not In “Weekly Bunchun” released on Thursday, May 30, the woman relation etc. of Harada which made full use of the private car and SNS are informed.In the “Weekly Bunchun digital”, the related video that included the video directly to Harada is published on the same day. Https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/article?a=20190529-00012095-bunshun-ent

The affair of Ryuji Harada has been discovered.

While having the appearance of the actor, it is Ryuji Harada who had many opportunities to appear in a variety program in a little unusual character,

It seems that the affair with the woman of the fan was discovered this time.

And because there seems to be more than one opponent,

I could say that I am completely lacking in professionalism.

Even if the actor was herhera on a variety show,

It is a charm because the real life is firmly.

In the case of this person in the show or private life,

In the state of a fool | Ω ·

I guess I’m a man without content.

It is clear that.   Or to apologize to a serious face, or to the neta shaking off in variety, I can not imagine,

Which one is it?

That was about the news.


The sweetness of the side of character Street



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