Mizuhara, a shoes on the chair, flooded criticism ‼

The actress, Kiko Mizuhara (28), is shoes on a chair set up in a public place and has a series of criticism. Suwon updated Instagram on 31st.”We are all Stars in our own movies, our own stories, our own social media platforms, and channels-our lives” with the word, and uploaded videos. In a few seconds of selfie video, Suwon walked across a four-legged chair in a park-place, and finally smiled. In this video, in the comments section “Do you keep your shoes on the chair?” Even a child will get angry. “” It’s cute, but it’s not good to ride on a chair.I want you to think about the entertainers around here… “Let’s think about the feelings of the person who sits next” is a succession of writes. Http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/16544949/

There seems to be a rush of accusations to the video of Yukiko Mizuhara.

It is said something quotations, it may be a word that echoes some fans, shoes on the chair,

It is an elementary level of common sense.

Did you not have been careful about that?   This kind of thing,

Overseas is usually


Women’s strength

Do not misunderstand.   The public must obey the rules and use them.

I think too much.

Did you not notice the common sense?   It is widespread in a very wack form | Ω ·


Our chairs



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