Kuwata Masumi’s second son Matt [blog] opens ‼

Mr. Masumi Kuwata’s second son, Matt (24) of the talent, opened an official blog on Ameba. Immediately, the two-shot photo of the comedy duo and Downtown Hamada (56) was released with the comment “I like ~ ~”. The blog’s first post was updated with the title “[Official Blog opening]”.”For two years since my debut I started the Ameba blog today, I have been sending beauty and daily life through Instagram.Thankfully recently there are many things to be covered in the news the other day, there is an offer from Ameba, I started a blog “and the History of the blog and reported. Through the blog “I want to share what I want to convey through entertainment, music, beauty, bridal, everyday spiritual things sometimes,” I send a lot of power through the blog so that everyone is happy every day and this world overflows with love please thank you very much!!!And Elan. Http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/16539789/

Masumi Kuwata’s second son Matt [Matt] has opened a blog.

That said, opening a blog is not a big news.

The surprise is the appearance | Ω ·

Well Matt is doing what he wants to do, and there is no right to complain about what others do,

Very impactful features

It is finished in.   Already slightly more than humans

Doll Closer | Ω ·)

It is a situation in which we are stepping up to the area.   Well, because there are cases where such a way of life gives courage to a lot of people, it is not possible to express a negative opinion indiscriminately.

Even so, I am surprised at the generosity of Mr. Masumi Kuwata.


He’s away from people.



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