Korea Squad, Trophy winner (stripped) ‼

In the International Youth Championship “Panda Cup 2019” held in China, the National Football Association (CFA) announced that it had cancelled the team’s victory in the stomp, a performance issue in which the U-18 Korea representative won the trophy. Korea, China, Thailand, and New Zealand of the four countries participated in the tournament, the U-18 Korea national team defeated China 3-0 and won three wins.However, the act of Stomp the trophy during the ceremony was a problem.According to the Korea, “Yongpu News”, some players showed a pose to urinate toward the trophy. A lot of criticisms were given to these acts, and the U-18 Korea national team had made an official apology to the conference organizing committee and the Chinese side in 30 days, but the CFA which saw the problem heavily decided the deprivation of the victory.It seems to have reported it to the Asian Football League (AFC). Http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/16542751/

The Korea squad was stripped of the winner.

It is not a reason to be angry personally because it is a foreign thing well, but it is surprising that there is a professional athlete who does such a terrible act.

Even if it is a country where the bashing etc. are terrible compared with the Japan Korea let alone

It is a strange story that a remarkable person does not take notice of the action.   The man who gets on the condition is crazy, and it is said that the bashing man is crazy,

It may be a very emotional and hot country.

However, this is not to worry about the unusual situation of [the victory deprivation],

I’m going to be a terrible thing in my home country when I return |

I do not even know the feeling that rises by winning the championship, but whether or not to do such a thing might be the boundary between the first-class.


Advance victory?



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