Neymar denies sexual assault allegations ‼

Brazil STRIKER Neymar (27 = Paris-Saint-Germain) denied sexual assault allegations. In response to the fact that a woman who had been sexually assaulted by Nathan in Paris on the 15th of last month filed a report on the Brazil police on the 31st, he uploaded an innocent video to his Instagram for about seven minutes a day. There was a man-and-woman relationship in the room.The next day nothing happened, “stressed that there was no problem. “The agency is looking at this message and wants to know what happened,” the message in the video app “WhatsApp” to publish the interaction with the victim of the woman.The victim’s underwear and topless photos have been sent to the victims, and on the 16th of the day after the relationship, there were no appeals for assault, and it showed that they had been interacting with ordinary conversation.Neymar insisted, “she was framed,” and she was being shaken.According to his father, Naymar Sr., who is a deputy, said the victim had been blackmailed by a woman’s lawyer. According to the women’s appeal, Nathan and his friend, Nathan’s agent, came to Paris with a ticket and a hotel.In the hotel room, the drunken Neymar was subjected to violence and was compelled to do the sexual act which was not according to the mind. Https://

Neymar denied sexual assault.

Even the Japan small entertainer, because it is the reason to be sold the information to the weekly magazine is a major blow, when it comes to the world-class star Neymar,

There are many such traps, too.

It might be a leader existence which moves the woman in case of the complex.   Even so, it is amazing to acquainted on Instagram.

She is a very attractive woman.

Approaching from your own, and start the extortion in a convenient place,

It is a very bad type of quality.

It seems to be a modus operandi that uses the social status of women and human rights issues to be shouted.   Even if you want to make money easily, you can’t do these things pretty well.   There is a very good courage in a bad sense. Even if you couldn’t get the money you requested,

It might be the best because it is a compromise aim.

There is no shame for money. Human beings are amazing.


Nathan’s loose.



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