aeon, eel substitute [salmon grilled] to sale ‼

Amid fears of a decrease in eels, Aeon, a leading distributor, announced the Nishikan of Fish, which is popular with a wide range of generations as an alternative to eels. Ion is sold at approximately 3000 stores nationwide from this weekend, and it is grilled with salmon.The price is about one-quarter of the domestic eel, and it was chosen as the catch was comparatively stable.It is said that the part with a lot of fat is burnt by charcoal, and it is close to the eel flavor. The tasting guest “fluffy and delicious” “like the taste of the salmon of the breakfast” ion is selling the product which replaces the eel such as the catfish up to now.This summer’s Ox Day is July 27th. Http://

It seems that ions sell salmon grilled fish.

Is it a commodity as a substitute for the eel that the price rises, and is the substitute for the salmon?   And what not

Can’t you taste the salmon?

I also feel that.   It may be necessary to mimic the feeling of fat,

The difference seems to be big in the genre a little.

Because it is a translation to sell as a substitute, it will be a strict check by the person in charge and taste.   A little bit of a new feeling,

I feel like I want to try it once.


I wonder if the sauce will follow?



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