[Condemned resolution] to Maruyama Hodaka of war remarks ‼ to pass

Kazuhide Sugawara, chairman of the ruling party (LDP) and Norio Tezuka (Constitutional Democratic Party) were meeting in the parliament on April 4, 2008.He agreed to jointly submit a “censure resolution” urging the opposition to judge the decision to immediately take action on the Congressman Maruyama Hodaka (the Japan of the Restoration), who made remarks on the purpose of reclaiming the northern territories in the war.The House of Representatives of the six-day outlook to pass by many in favor. The ruling party’s resolution, which had already been submitted, will withdraw any resolution of the opposition’s resignation recommendations. The resolution accused Mr. Maruyama of “no qualification as a Member of Parliament,” and is urging them to “immediately judge for themselves.”In light of the “war” remarks, Mr. Maruyama revealed that he had made a vulgar remark, and the LDP decided to submit a policy for the third day. Https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20190604-00000034-mai-pol

Maruyama Hodaka has been driven to the final.

The resolution of the condemned is a little difficult name,

Stop right away | Ω ·

I guess that’s the thing.   It is a strange story because it is a translation of the same feelings in the ruling and opposition party.

Isn’t there so much to unite?

If there’s one stupid idiot

The debate itself is not going to go on.

Still, it is a strange story that it does not try to stop easily in this bashing information society. It might be a state of the desperation breakthrough another.

We have to go to war.

I bought the anger of all of them to say outrageous, even if the war started by any chance

This soldier will run away first.

It is easy to lift oneself up like a leader if it is a fantasy world in the head.

It is not possible for lawmakers to be human resources who can move the real world.

The head might be only a little good, but at the time when there is no minimum common sense accompany to the people

Not suitable.

Are you still going to turn your Japan?


I’m losing my place.



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