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It was understood that the contract was canceled from Yoshimoto Kogyo of belonging on 4 days of this month on 6 days of the comedy duo Karoteca’s Irie Shinya (42).In the photo weekly magazine “Friday” released on July 7, it was published that the company affiliation to the party of the end of the year of the large-scale transfer fraud group, the company was interviewed in The Cove saw a heavy situation, because it was admitted to the association, it became virtually dismissed. The cove, known for his personal connections to the President of sports and general companies, had a “5,000 friends”.However, the network which is too wide has become a result of zippered own neck. “Friday”, which was released on July 7, after the Suicide Squad Corps, Hiroyuki Miyasako (49), the company’s artistes attended the year-end party of the large-scale transfer fraud group in December 2014, and reported that the mediator was the cove.Because Irie admitted that it was a fact, “the brand of Yoshimoto Kogyo and the belonging artist was severely damaged” and the contract was canceled. According to the company, attendance at the end of the year party receives the guarantee directly without going through the company “Darkness Sales”.Irie explained that he did not know that the other party was a fraud group. However, the company said, “Our company will never tolerate interaction with antisocial organizations,” and was severely punished.Other performers who attended were severely cautious.In August 2011 at Yoshimoto Kogyo, Mr. Shinsuke Shimada (63), who was a member of the organization, admitted to the association with the people involved with the gang, and announced his own interview to retire from the entertainment industry. In 1997, Irie formed Taro Yabe (41) and “Karakoteca”.He gained popularity in the theme of subculture.In March 2003, we established a “ilieconnection” that deals with promotional and consulting services through the use of liquor seats.The sales were in the third year and the annual quotient was 100 million yen. He has also published seven books on business, network and communication skills.It has been paid attention in the side as the businessman more than the entertainer.According to Yoshimoto Kogyo, the future of Karakoteca is undecided. Http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/16580520/

Kaloteca Cove has been dismissed.

Very sudden news, isn’t it?   Yoshimoto Kogyo is an entertainment office

No contract

It is a story that has been known to be comparatively, but when the contract is canceled, it becomes clear.   Well it would be annoying to be belonging unilaterally after the uproar. However, it is vicious to connect the year-end party of the fraud group.   If you say that the network is wide,

A certain probability of a bad network will come out,

Security might have been sweet.   The artist who was involved in other things in the dark business is also a crime. Especially the most TV performers

Hiroyuki Miyasako

Became a form to be cornered. It is not the case that you have to neta a little affair.   It is a small person of the mind not to admit even that small news, probably this time also an excuse | Ω ·

I didn’t know. I’m sorry, though.

I think that it expresses like.


Is the end of the rain system?



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