Ryota Yamazato & Yu Aoi [Blitz marriage] ‼

The comedy duo “Nankai Candies”, Ryota Yamazato (42) and popular actress Yu Aoi (33) got married four days, I found.The relationship period is only two months.The registration of marriage to the ward office in Tokyo was filed on the third day.The partner of Mountain village and Aoi’s best friend (40) is Cupid.The shock of the high beauty of the show and the popular entertainment world.It is a big shock that a surprising adoring marriage was not reported either. I changed the jealousy of the selling entertainer to energy, and was waiting for an unbelievable reward in the mountain village where “non-mote” boast was done by the work line.The wife became a motemote actress who is said to be watered by co-star in the charm of dressed (scary).According to the surrounding, the filing of marriage was filed by a representative on the third day of the great low.The ceremony reception is said to be undecided. They had a meal with them more than a year ago.The date is said to have been made not to be noticeable in the form of going back and forth of each other’s home.It seems to be an unexpected combination, but an acquaintance said, “I have been dating for 2 months.Aoi is said to have an unbridled image, but actually it is the type that will do to one man.And they’ll all be so drunk. ” Nevertheless, why did it become a super speed marriage?In the coverage of the Suponichi this paper, it is not understood for a direct reason though there is information that Aoi has respected it for a work-keen mountain village before.Aoi says that she is not pregnant and continues work.According to a music official, the singer Ishizaki (35), who was a former partner, was a catastrophe more than a year ago.”I have not heard about the reason for the sudden decision of marriage.” It is the existence of the partner of the mountain village to hold the key of the mystery.Since he played with Aoi in the 2006 movie “Hula Girl” that depicts the success of the Hula show on stage in Fukushima prefecture, he has been together for drinking and traveling.It is said that “one of the few friends that Aoi can talk about anything” (acquaintance) also rides the love consultation before.It is thought that it came to participate in the meal meeting by the Chan who did not put together two people, and the mountain village. “Aoi is the type who wants to spend time with other people except when they are working.I think that mountain-chan, which is said to be mentally de M, will do well. “It is not possible to go drinking with the entertainer companion, and it is very welcome that there is little nightlife for Aoi which is said to be grilled mochi.In the hottest with 16 regular radio and television, it might have decided the association immediately to marry because the private time is few in the mountain village. Yamazato and Aoi held a two-shot interview in Tokyo on the fifth night and reported joy.How did the non-Mote man and the Motemote woman in the entertainment world come to the marriage?Depending on the words of the two people, it seems to be a light to encourage the non-mote men of the world. Https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20190605-00000003-spnannex-ent

Ryota Yamazato and Yu Aoi were married in a blitz.

I was very surprised at the birth of a couple like candid.   This time, the relationship period of two months in the speed of marriage,

It’s completely mountain-chan’s strategy wins | Ω ·

The timing was outstanding, right?   As a general image, Yama-chan

An ugly character, a perverse thing full of character

But it is a strange thing that compatibility

There is a woman who is a Don Pisha,

If the timing is perfect, the world will be a surprising couple.   Yama-chan will not be completely up to her head.


It’s just like a blitz.



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