Prostrate of defendant Taguchi [scary] ‼

Ex-KAT-TUN Taguchi Junnosuke was released on bail prostrate the impact of the defendant, “scary”, “dangerous” and “laugh” on the internet, etc., it became noisy. “I’m really sorry!After stating the words of apology, suddenly, a dynamic prostrate to fold the knee quickly, and put both hands and forehead on the ground.It kept lowering the head as it was 16 seconds. The reaction of the net is various in this prostrate.”Prostrate scary of Taguchi-kun,” “I’m going out a sense of more dangerous people” on the other hand swirling voice, [prostrate extremly beautiful] [I want to cartoon prostrate] [laugh too light] [sorry I laughed normally], “surprise too”, etc., Tsukkomi too many.It was a surprise to many people. Taguchi Defendant has a black tie and a suit.”We pledge not to dye illegal drugs or crimes such as cannabis.I will pause my own entertainment activity for a while, but I will continue to live desperately so that I can recover the trust of everyone as soon as I have a good correction, and atone for my sins, and to regain the confidence of all of you, “the encouragement of guidance from everyone (Bentatsu) Thank you.We were really sorry, “and apologized. Http://

Junnosuke Taguchi The defendant was released on bail.

The appearance that apologized for prostrate was taken up greatly,

I feel scary indeed.

It was also so when the arrest, the expression without that emotion, or anxiety if it was normal, look apologetic, such as anger is what would float out,

It was crazy to feel that things were going so calmly.

It might be an excellent reaction as a talent, but it is not a big minus that an apology is not transmitted if feelings do not come out?

Taguchi the defendant also knew that his feelings would not be transmitted around,

I may have decided on that performance.


Conversely darkness



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