Hiroyuki Miyasako, the dark party of the anti-social forces [no guarantee] ⁉

Hiroyuki Miyasako of the Suicide Squad after the Rain (49), updated his Twitter, and explained the issue of attending the party of anti-social forces. Miyasako “This Time magazine, the things we have to fuss in tabloid, etc., those who support me, and I apologize for your concern for the inconvenience to everyone concerned,” and apologize.”There are a lot of parts that are not clear about the memory of five years ago, I think it was a secondary party of marriage, but I was invited to give me a face to Irie, I was allowed to sing one song,” I explained. It is not passed through Yoshimoto Kogyo “dark business” is reported to be “I have not received the guarantee, but I remember that the store and the talent who participated in after the party, this is also vague memory, but I do not know that the Cove has made the payment,” It is said that it was not work that the guarantee occurred.And “I did not know, but I can not even notice the oldest body in the party to gather the fellows to be arrested later, the sweetness of my perceptions that have gone out, I have been keenly reflecting the sweetness of the side,” he concluded. This issue was reported in a sensational headline, “Friday,” a weekly photo of the seven-day magazine, “The Dark Business” by Hiroyuki Miyasako and other popular performers from Yoshimoto Kogyo.In addition to the Miyasako, the comedy duo “Kaloteca” (42), he attended Ryo Tamura, a Rayserramon HG, a Gatttchu Fukushima Zensei, and London boots No. 1 No. 2.There were two or three other unknown performers.The host was served by Irie, and the performers appeared in surprise late in the meeting.Miyasako, who appeared at the end, is also a member of the popular duo “litter” that is himself the main song “All will be my power!”It is said that it sang passionately.It was the cove to have become the mediator who made the entertainer attend this party. Yoshimoto said, “even though I did not know, I was not allowed to associate with antisocial forces,” and canceled the contract with Irie on the fourth.Miyasako, HG, Fukushima, and Ryo were also interviewed, but only four people were asked by the Cove to attend, and the details of the meeting were not known, and this time they were strictly careful. Miyasako was reported to have been unfaithful to women in the weekly Bunharu in 2017.Magazine reporter’s “Immaculate?It was the topic of “off-white” that answered the question.In response to this tweet, “I was asked to be a junior,” while there is a voice to defend, “really vague memory?Do you go with no guarantee?The voice of the question is received a lot. Http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/16585666/

Hiroyuki Miyasako apologized for the uproar.

But the content is

The memory is vague,

It was no guarantee.

It was the content.   If you see the images posted on Twitter, I think you noticed,

It was the one just up on Twitter apology statement that was completely copy and paste.

It seems to have been made up of sentences made to subsided the commotion from the account of the third party through.   The worst thing is that probably all the regular programs are ruined,

If you think about that minus,

It might be a underlying motive to apologize somehow and to continue the activity.   However, there is a great deal of compliance issues in this case, so we will not be able to escape our responsibility.   Well, the person named Hiroyuki Miyasako

Because it is man who protects oneself even if it lies.

Where there is complete evidence, there will be no admitting | ω) However, the London boots are still such a thing

It’s not Jun, it’s Ryo.

I think the human nature comes into view somehow, right?


Miyasako ends



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