Fukuyama Masaharu, the annoying fan [alert] ‼

The official site of Masaharu Fukuyama (50), a singer and actor, warned some fans of the Nuisance Act on September 9. “Recently, there has been a violation of manners by some fans at the shooting site, and we are having trouble taking pictures,” he reported.”Most of the fans who support by observing the manners are the majority, but this is the machine, and there is a note and a request to everyone.” The site as an act of nuisance “even though you have not won the program viewing and extras are recruiting official, you are staying in the field without permission, share with others the shooting location, such as the recording studio, write to SNS”, such as the nearest station and location near the office, They have been waiting in public, waiting for, chasing, and ambush. “I am very happy to help you with your support by observing manners,” and after showing your gratitude to the fans who protect the manners, “I worry to many people by the act of some people, We will do our best to improve the status quo that is causing inconvenience, “he declared. Https://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/16592614/

Fukuyama Masaharu was a reminder to the annoying fan.

If you become a popular person, because the number of fans is simply more,

It might be that the probability of encountering tons of demo fans rises, too.

In the case of the actor, let alone the filming of the drama.

Because the appearance of the person in question cannot be seen directly,

Even if I knew it was disturbing, would I not be able to stop it?   It may be that you are addicted to sharing information with other tons of demos.   It might be a lot of times that a sudden fan post to polo and SNS.   If you want the actor to be active in the future,

Let’s stop such an annoying act |

It is normal to become a flow, but I think there are some oddball who aim at the forbidden timing, it is difficult to eradicate completely.


It’s a hindrance to photography.



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