Takefusa Kubo [A] debut ‼

-International Friendly match Japan-El Salvador (June 9, 2019 at the Megubore Stadium Miyagi) led by Koichi Moriyasu, the national football Japan squad played against El Salvador in the international friendly match held at the stadium Miyagi in the 9th.MF Kubo kenei (18 = FC Tokyo) participated in the 22nd minute of the second half and made his debut. Kubo took off Bibbs after 19 minutes of the second half and began to prepare for the change.The stadium was filled with supporters ‘ cheers when it was put on the pitch on behalf of MF Minamino in the 22nd minute. In the Trinidad and Tobago of the fifth day, outside the squad, the bench is on this day.The participation of 18 years and 5 days became the second juvenile record after the 17-year-old 322 days of Daisuke Ichikawa in 1998. Http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/16593002/

Kenei Kubo debuted as A representative.

I had a couple of occasions to see the special features and interviews, but I’ve never seen them play.

What kind of player is that?

Can you really play an active part?

I had the impression that, when you look at the movement, the movement of the ball with

A very high level was transmitted.

The first shot was also a little goose bumps.

With the addition of a new Japan representative, Kubo Takehide is likely to become fierce in the member fight.   Before it was very fast, and it was interesting to see the Japan representative, but the establishment of Kubo Kenei may lead to the level up of the Japan representative.


Different levels.



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