Hiroyuki Miyasako, not even admit to copy and paste [excuse] ‼

Hiroyuki Miyasako (49) of comedy duo and Suicide Squad after the rain, updated their own Twitter.After being reported to have participated in the party of the fraud group in the “FRIDAY” on sale on July 7, I mentioned the apology “copy and paste suspicion” announced on Twitter on the same day. Miyasako is seven days a night, in writing on Twitter about the uproar “this time is fuss in a magazine, tabloid, etc., those who support me, And I apologize for your concern for the inconvenience to everyone involved in the various places. ” However, some media pointed out that “there were some unnatural points” about this writing, and it was reported, “Did you copy and paste the message of LINE created by the office man?” Miyasako received this, “I did not know how to put a long long on Twitter, and put in the recommended way, I have been thought to copy and paste” and explain.I apologize for being an analogue person. Also, the day before the MBS radio ‘ I do not!It is not so when saying that “there is a clear memory in the story of five years ago”.There are pieces that lead to fragments.It is a fact that it has gone.It is true that I did not know, “he explained. In magazine, in 2015, a group of 40 men and women were arrested for the year-end party, which was held in the late 14th year, including Miyako, London Boots No. 1, Ryo Tamura (47), Razorramon HG (43), Gartchu Fukushima Zensei (41) They were present and reported.It is said that it was a comedy duo and Karoteca Irie Shinya (42) that brokered the attendance of performers in this place. Well, according to the news, the fact of attendance admitted to the fact that they were confirmed to five people from Irie.As for the Cove, it was told that it was a party which used to be the wedding of the acquaintance, and it was not known that the acquaintance Group had done a special fraud.However, it is true that there was a deep exchange, the office side that saw the situation heavily, the Cove contract canceled on the fourth date this month.As for the other four, attendance was not informed in the standpoint that it was asked to attend the Cove of the admitted one, and this time was a strict careful disposition. Https://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/16606023/

Miyasako has made excuses for the alleged copy and paste.

Because it is man who excuses that it is off-white without even admitting adultery,

I would not admit that I copy and paste.

The situation seems to be moving in the form said still.   When it comes to the thing that Yoshimoto Kogyo has provided the copy and paste for such an apology, it seems to become the flow of belonging Office also the same crime gradually.   At the moment, there seems to be no penalty for inactivity.   Regarding this matter, Matsumoto Hitoshi and Chihara Jr. are also commenting, but are these people questioning the response of the office?   I think that it is an uproar that it is not amusing even if the opinion that it does not consent comes out from the side where it is seriously active without doing such as the dark business etc. |

It seems to have tried to subsided by erasing the Irie Shinya.

I want to continue the regular program of Miyasako.

It might be that.   In the case of the off-white affair of Miyasako, it was the timing in front of the TV for just 24 hours, so there may be a part where the office is trying to avoid such a contract minus.   There is no possibility that any penalty will be imposed in the future, but if you continue to work as if nothing happened,

The people who are cheering will also feel distrust somewhere.


Not all of them are no guarantee.



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