Inappropriate video of swimming in the water tank was [worker]!?

A video of a man swimming in underwear in a water tank that collects water used for residents’ beverages in a rental housing complex in Shiju-cho, Fukuoka Prefecture has been posted to a short video distribution app.Daiwa House Industries, the parent company of the management company, revealed that it was a worker of a cooperating company that inspects the cleaning. According to Daiwa House, the video was filmed last July by a worker during a cleaning inspection of the water tank.A male worker entered the interior, and a person believed to be the photographer commented, “I’m swimming in the water tank.”The appearance that the man who was swimming was laughing, “It feels very good” and doing the peace sign etc. were recorded for about one second.

Inappropriate video of swimming in the water tank of the apartment building has been spread.

The receiving water tank seems to be a place where water to be supplied to each room is collected.

Of course, the water is supplied to each room.

Such a video is not permitted.   It is an inappropriate video that became a hot topic in the convenience store and sushi and kura kura up to now,

For some reason, it doesn’t stop there.

Are these people talking about being heroes?   in the midst of the likes of which a large amount of damages may be claimed in the future

What kind of feelings do you have in mind?

Couldn’t you have predicted that this would happen?

Very questionable.   And why do young people today want to do this? When you’re called a worker,

I wonder if he’s a pro somehow.

I think, the first game is just a ton demo kid just to work.   I think you’ll see that if you think about it a little bit, you can see that these things are not allowed.

It might be that there are a few who do not understand such a thing.


Be charged



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