Nike’s [obese mannequin] is flooded with protests!!

Sportswear brand Nike’s first use of obese mannequins has sparked heated debate.The mannequin appeared at Nike’s flagship store on Oxford Street in London, and there was a flood of comments on social media that discriminated against fat people.On the other hand, some women reject those negative comments and praise Nike’s “accept the shape it is.” The prevailing on the net seems to be the opposite of Nike’s decision.While some have praised Nike’s bold and progressive decisions, others have vocally criticized obese mannequins for promoting unhealthy lifestyles. Some even argue that the introduction of obese mannequins will lower Nike’s reputation, pointing out that people with mannequin-like body weights can’t run in the first place.Tanya Gold, a self-fat journalist, said in a post to The Telegraph that the mannequin in question was “ridiculously huge and fat-fat.This woman is obese by any way, and she’s not in a position to run in a cool Nike outfit.””It’s impossible to run.On the contrary, i’m going to need hip replacement surgery right in front of me,”

Nike’s obese mannequins seem to be inundated with protests.

The mannequin must have been the one to make the product look good based on the ideal style.   Then, it was made by the thing that it is helpful only to some people.

It might be this chubby mannequin.

In my opinion, if I had this form,

It’s like this when you wear it.

I think it’s a very practical mannequin that would be helpful, but how about you?   People who complain about this kind of thing

I don’t think i’m going to do any exercise wearing Nike clothing.

I think that it is a standard that only mannequins that the style is too good is a standard, but such a way of showing is also necessary in the point that it becomes reference.

I can’t run in this figure.

There seems to be a person who criticizes, but there is no need to worry about the figure of the mannequin at all.   If you can’t run, you can do walking or squat. A fat journalist speaks ill of a mannequin.


I feel sorry for the mannequin.



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