Kan Jani – Tadayoshi Okura also rumored [withdrawal]?

A big pinch of sekijani- aerial decomposition Johnny’s popular group Sekijani has been hit by a tremor.Member Ryo Nishikido, 34, will leave the group.It has been reported that nishikido alone is not likely to fit out.The reason is that the voice that a dangerous smell drifts like Nishikido as well as Tadayoshi Okura leaks and is transmitted.What is going on in Okura’s mind?If it is this way, the group which is said to be two in popularity next to the storm seems to decompose in the air. Nishikido said, “I’m not going to leave the group.It was reported in March.However, even after three months, there is still no announcement from Johnny’s office. Rather, sekijani seems to be operating normally, as the five-dome tour, which begins in July, is decided. One entertainment professional executive said, “When it comes to talking about Nishikido’s resignation, and not quitting, there seems to be a part of the confusion of various information, but the situation that the withdrawal of the group is not likely to be avoided any longer.Now, the story seems to be progressing to the point where it is possible to do the affiliation of the office.” As Nishikido announced that he will be participating in the five-dome tour starting next month, “We won’t announce it until the end of the tour at the beginning of September, and it seems that Johnny’s is waiting for the possibility of a change of heart.” Apparently, “one decrease” is not likely to be avoided, but there is another member whose heart is shaking greatly. One TV station official said, “It’s Okura.Since the beginning of this year, he has not tried to get a new job other than working as a group, and he doesn’t want to talk about his job at all.I feel like my motivation is falling, so I think I’m leaving the group at the same time as Nishikido!?I hear several voices that are anxious.” Speaking of Okura, he revealed on his blog at the end of last year that he had been stalked and caused a stir. “On my blog, I thought, “It’s a lot easier to go back to being a normal person.It’s about time to say that i’m retiring, so it was a big topic.Since the beginning of this year, i thought it would be okay because the stalker uproar itself was also lurking, but it seems that Okura’s feelings have run out, and there are not a few people who see it as a matter of time before leaving the office.” Seki Jani, who was a member of Shibuya Subaru, left The Johnny’s Office at the end of last year and has been active since the beginning of this year.If nishikido, Okura, and two people are going to decrease, the survival as a group will be considerably severe. The senior performing arts professional executive said, “I would not have been looking ahead to this situation, but now Murakami Shingo is doing his best to host the event, and Yokoyama is enhancing his individual activities as if he were working hard in the junior production business.It looks like they’ve come to the point where they don’t have to be tied to a group. Two members are missing and Sekijani dissolved – is the office prepared for such a worst situation? The five-dome tour will last until September, but it will be the last stage, with a major announcement for fans. https://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/16627007/

Rumors of secession were raised in Sekijani Okura.

I do not know the credibility at the time of the rumor that such a thing flows,

It’s not surprisingly missed the target.

The cause might be that it leaks from an accurate source to some extent still.   However, the idol related to The Johnny’s Office has a lot of withdrawals.   I think it all started with the dissolution of SMAP. Well, KAT-TUN may be the same, but besides SekiJani, there was also tokio riots, and Satoshi Ono of Arashi also pauses the activity.   Is the trend of the times changing a little? Although there is no direct complaint,

Do you mean that there are some places where you think about the office?

I think that the Johnny’s office is still a serious aspect of pushing up from the bottom, so it seems that there will be a group that suffers direct pain.   Well, sekijani because the rumor is getting bigger so far,

There will be no thing that is a complete gasseneta.

If that’s the case, he’s already denied it.


It’s going to break down.



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