amazon, game developers [mass dismissal]!!

Amazon, the world’s largest telecommunications site, is also involved in other businesses, including amazon web service, a cloud computing service, and Amazon Advertising, which operates an advertising business.Dozens of employees were fired at Amazon Game Studios, which is responsible for game development at Amazon, game media kotaku reports. According to an employee who was actually fired by Kotaku, amazon game studios were quietly reorganized on June 13, 2019, the last day of the world’s largest game exhibition, E3 2019.Employees who are notified of their layoffs will be given 60 days to find a new job on Amazon and will be treated as a retiree if they are not rehired during the grace period.Kotaku also reported that an unannounced game project has been discontinued in the course of development. Amazon Game Studios was established in 2014 as its own game development and sales division.In 2016, Amazon will release a colonial-american-themed survival MMORPG called “New World” and “Cruicible”, a multi-player shooting game with audience participation using twitch, a game platform, and MOBA “Breakaway” set in ancient Rome were released in the following movie. Amazon Game Studios Unboxing: Crucible, New World and Breakaway – YouTube but breakaway, which was scheduled to be released at the end of 2019, will be developed on March 31, 2018 It has been discontinued.Clint Hocking, director of Far Cry 2, which was pulled from Amazon Game Studios, and Kim Swift, who was the lead designer of Portal, left the company without waiting for the game to be completed. Amazon Game Studios didn’t always seem to be doing well. An Amazon spokesperson told Kotaku, “Amazon Game Studios will prioritize the development of New World, Crucible and other unannounced new projects. “We’re reorganizing part of the team,” he said, acknowledging that there was a large-scale staffing arrangement, “a series of staffing is the result of a regular business planning cycle and is tailoring resources to long-term priorities.We work closely with all employees affected by these changes to help them find new positions within Amazon.”

It seems that Amazon has fired the game developer.

Moreover, in large quantities. This kind of news may affect the image of the future.   Not only the game company but also these days,

It seems that famous companies are putting a lot of effort into game development.

The other day, Google

To be able to play a game even if there is no game machine

I had announced that such, it may be that there is no need to buy a game console finally.   I personally

I want to play soccer games with PS4 or something.

I was a little thinking, if it becomes obsolete in an instant,

The purchase of the game machine which does tens of thousands of yen might be necessary to forgo it a little.

Should we continue to improve the performance of smartphones and pCs in the future?   And amazon’s mass layoffs in the midst of a surge in such topics,

Can’t you expect a little Amazon?

It is unavoidable even if it is thought that.   It depends on the content, but the real thrill is that you can play games with a lot of people these days. Image is a very important factor because it leads to popularity.


If it’s developed, it’s going to be popular.



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