Postscript [I’ll be back on time.Postpone the final broadcast!!

Although the final episode was broadcast halfway through, the earthquake in Niigata caused a strong earthquake, so we switched to breaking news from around 1p.m. and had to cancel the broadcast. On the show’s official Twitter account, he said, “Today’s “I’m going home on time.”The final broadcast will be canceled.As for the final broadcast, we will announce it as soon as we make a decision.”

Yuriko Yoshitaka’s drama was postponed.

Moreover, only the last time is postponed,

I think those who watched it are surprised.

I watched it myself, but I never thought i’d be able to see the final episode in the middle.

But because it’s the effect of the earthquake,

The person who had been damaged might not have been far from it.   Because it was a sudden earthquake,

I think it’s natural to switch to an urgent news program.

If such a big earthquake came,

It is impossible for everyone to go home on time.

Now I wonder if I can pick up the official missed app I feel that, but whether it is not reflected if it is not broadcast once still

You should check it out.


Earthquakes are unavoidable|ω

The rerun 、、、the postscript will be broadcast at 10 p.m. on Tuesday, June 25. It will be the same time zone just a week later|ω



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