Horio Masaaki Ana, 50’s Beauty and [Affair Allegations]!!

Masaaki Horio, 64, who retired from NHK in 2008 and is currently active in tbs’s information program “Vivit”, repeatedly stayed at a beautiful woman’s house.She is a beautiful woman in her 50s who frequently appears in fashion magazines as a model.However, Ana Horio has a wife and children. Ayaka Fukujima is a single mother who raises two sons of elementary school students.Prior to her husband’s husband, a stock trader, he now lives in a mansion in Tokyo.Ana Horio frequently visits the house and stays overnight. Sometimes I go shopping with my son and go out for dinner with my family.The appearance seems to be a true family, and as i mentioned earlier, Ana Horio has a wife who has been with her for many years. “His wife and Mr. Horio got married when he was 30 years old, and now he has two sons who are now in their 30s.”In response to an interview with The Weekly Shincho, Ana Horio said, “I met her through an acquaintance six months ago, and she was having trouble with her child.I’ve never stayed at her house just because I’m on that consultation.”However, the fact of staying at the hotel was admitted by coverage afterwards.It is said that it stayed at Mr. Fukushima’s home twice in the remainder after it began in The Moon. “I’m separated from my wife, and i get in touch with her about once every few months.Sure, living with my wife would have been different.In that sense, I might have had a loose point.But she’s not really an affair or a relationship between a man and a woman.”In addition to posting a pair of arm-folded shots of two people in the weekly Shincho released on June 20, it is being video distribution of the state of Aise that Ana Horio piled up in the daily shincho. https://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/16644506/

There seems to be an affair suspicion in Masaaki Horio.

But from the situation,

It’s normally black|ω

There’s nothing more embarrassing than hiding your stay and revealing it.   In order to protect their regulars, careers and pride,

Even the old man is lying like this.

Speaking of TBS vivit, i remember Shigeaki Kato was involved in the underage drinking riot of NEWS, but it is still better to admit honestly, about the old man of the liar

I can’t find the words I’m following,

The content is kind of uncomfortable only in the content, and the appearance is bad, too.

I don’t think you want to preach to your old man, but what kind of broadcast will it be?


Older people are more likely to make excuses.



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