From the cannabis route of Rena Komine [big talent] emerged!?

A month has passed since the arrest of a former member of the popular idol groupKAT-TUN The two were bailed on 7th, but the Kanto Shin-Etsu Health And Welfare Bureau’s Narcotics Control Department, Matri-ya, said they were quickly narrowing down their next target.It is whispered that the target must be a big talent in the comedy world. Matri’s aim seems to be a big shot caught in Komine’s connection.The people involved in the entertainment sit back and talk. “The truth is… It is said that komine had a beautiful friend.The woman is a famous Arafour beauty in the entertainment world and is known for having made friends with many Johnny’s talents.” It is said that it was a relation between the man and woman before with the super-big comedy talent who is active in the variety program etc. now” For this reason, the name of the big talent who was the woman of this best friend and the companion seems to have already been transmitted to the investigation authorities from Komine Root. “Komine himself said, ‘All the cannabis in my home is my own,’ and showed his attitude to protect Taguchi.I don’t think she’s going to talk about the names of other meds-addicted entertainers easily in interrogation.Still, Matori is also a professional in the road.There was a better harvest than expected,” the investigators said. In addition, “Taguchi who had heard various stories from Komine also spoke frankly to know the interrogation of Matori”. That’s why, if you’re confirming the action of a big-name talent who has emerged in The Komine Route, matori is firmly marked, and whenIt’s not funny to have the news. “Komine, the owner of the Sapper Club, and this big comedy talent, a close friend of Komine’s, seemed to have met four of them.At one point, there was a scene where this person was suspicious and unsure of his behavior, and there was a scene of him having a secret meeting at a café in Tokyo.” And, there seems to be a person who is rumored that the name seems to jump out from ?? “He is the same as Taguchi, a former Johnny’s talent.He is known as a playman and is rumored to be addicted to cocaine and other strong meds more than ever.It’s not hard to imagine that Matori is thinking of thoroughly crushing the Roppongi route, which leads to the elucidation of drug contamination in the entertainment world, in the wake of the arrest spree of both komine and Taguchi. “It is quite conceivable that there will be a surprising new arrest in the summer months or so after the rainy season is over.”

The presence of big talent has emerged.

Emerged from the drug route of Reina Komine,

who might be arrested next

It might be that.   If you look at the above article,

The same as Taguchi, the former Johnny’s talent!?

It is said.   If you’re a former Johnny’s, not a singer, but a talent,

It should be pretty limited.

Moreover, the thing that it is treated as a big shot,

Is it correct in the recognition that it is a senior than Junnosuke Taguchi?

Is that the guy here?and where expected the story can’t go beyond the stage of expectation,

Let’s wait for the results.

It’s not exciting, but it’s a very worrisome topic.


A big shot.



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