Ana Snow, Olaf role [successor] decision!

In “Ana and the Snow Queen” related works being delivered with the service “Disney DELUXE” that delivers works such as Disney, Pixar, Marvel, “Olav” role is described from Pierre taki san to voice actor syunsuke takeuchi (21) It was found that by the 21st of June, 2019, was replaced.

In the “Disney DELUXE” official site, it is confirmed that the notation has been replaced with works featuring Olaf, “Ana and the Snow Queen”, “Ana and the Snow Queen Elsa’s Surprise”, “LEGO Ana and the Snow Queen It is 4 works of “Aurora radiance” and “Ana and the Snow Queen / Family memories”.

Is Olaf who has been replaced cool voice?

The role of Olaf in the above four works was performed by Sir Pierre, who was convicted of a violation of the drug control law. The cast change of the spin-off work “LEGO Ana and the Snow Queen Aurora Sparkle” at least on the stage of June 17, 2019 has become a hot topic on SNS, and confirmed by the editorial department on the official site on the 21st, delivery Notation change was confirmed in all related works in.

Atsushi Takeuchi is a producer of the anime “Idolmaster Cinderella Girls”, and is also an attractive young voice actor who is popular among the quiet beauty voices, appearing in the anime movie “King of Prism”.

Therefore, the fan who knew the change is expressing joy as “Takeuchi-kun !?”

Also, from users who have subscribed to Disney DELUXE:

It has been reported that they are playing the voice of “Olafu” and “Olahu” without feeling uncomfortable, “It’s not the bass that everyone imagined, but the voice of Pierre was just streamed and the voice name changed to Takeuchi-kun. ing.

Disney announced in March a policy to replace dubbing voice actors following the arrest of Miss Pierre.

It seems that the successor to Olaf has been decided.

Because I am not very familiar with voice actors

I did not know the person named Takeuchi Satoshi,

Because he is also a popular anime voice actor,

If it is a detailed person, it will be a considerably known person.

After all the person who makes the voice actor a main work seems to be more professional.

Many famous actors and actresses are in charge of voice actors, but

When it comes to dubbing, there are no more professionals than voice actors.

The role of Olaf has been taken over from Pierre, but

No one expected to be arrested for cocaine.

In addition, it is a Disney movie,

Contracts and what,

Very strict | ω ·)

That’s right.

Arresting with cocaine would be an outrageous rule violation,

The price should be ridiculous.

Even if what is screened from now on is safe,

The works so far have become DVDs and Blu-ray and have spread throughout the country.

When I think about it again, Pierre was an outrageous person.

A chance for young people




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