Rui Hachimura, NBA Draft [1st Round Nomination] Feat!!

The draft meeting of u.S. professional basketball and the Japanese time was held at The Barclays Center in New York, and Rui Hachimura, It is the first time in history that a Japanese player has been nominated for the tour.Zion Williamson was named by the Pelicans in the same position. Hachimura first heard the word “NBA” when he was a junior high school student who started playing basketball in his hometown of Toyama Prefecture.It is said that it was said, “You are going to the NBA” by coach Sakamoto who is okutanaka’s teacher. “When I walked into the basketball club in junior high school and saw a kid who couldn’t really do anything, never played basketball, how did you say, ‘You’re going to the NBA?’Moreover, the coach was not a joke, and it was seriously said.At first I didn’t know what the NBA was, and he said that, so I was a kid, an idiot at the time, so I believed it.””I can’t think of it, i think about it now.”Coach Sakamoto and yamura believed in the words.”I really enjoyed junior high school.The coach is also a very good person.It is often said like a saying is ‘Enjoy hard’.That’s where I started playing basketball, so I think i’m doing it because I think it’s fun.”A strong bond between the two of them.From dream to goal, from goal to reality. Yamura is a dream for children who play basketball, especially those who have parents who are foreigners. “It’s very common for people to know my story and feel that way.One of my dreams is to influence the kids, so I’m very happy to have these kids.” At a press conference immediately after the nomination, coach Sakamoto said, “Coach, I really did it.Yamura sent a message to her teacher, who was happy across the sea.”Standing here is like a dream, and I can’t believe it.”Yamura, who pushed toward his dream and finally moved history, will continue to be children’s dreams.

Yamura was named in the NBA draft.

Well, i know that it will be nominated, and it is a thing to go to the hall, but it is a topic that is very happy in the thing of the first japanese feat.   It is yamura base which is half and is blessed exactly physically, but it is not to mention it,

I can have a very good feeling in the place where the soul of Japan enters.

It may be a little difficult to say a soul, but it’s a good feeling.

It is very attractive that there is a usual Japanese-like ness.

He’s going to be a global star player, so even if he puts himself in the world of games,

I want you to leave the friendliness somewhere.

It is said that the advice of the coach in the junior high school age was a trigger, but when it is still a pure junior high school student, a positive remark of the leader seems to be effective.   It may be changing now, but it is the act of a teacher and a coach yelling at their teammates in club activities. That may be a gutsy theory, but

In many cases, it’s mostly about lowering the morale of the team.

How many people have quit the competition because of their motivation? I think my spirit is important to some extent, but I feel like I’m entering an era where i can’t impose it on the younger generation.


already a star



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