F. Torres [active duty retirement interview] !!

Former Spain international striker Fernando Torres of Sagan Tosu attended a resignation meeting in Tokyo on the 23rd.

On the 21st, F. Torres, who entered the bird cage from Atletico Madrid in 2018, announced that he would retire from the service, saying that it was time to close my football career after spending an exciting 18 years. On the 23rd, F. Torres, who attended the retirement meeting, said, “I will retire as a football player. The last match is against Vissel Kobe on August 23.”, Meiji Yasuda Life J1 League Round 24 , Revealed that the game against Vissel Kobe at home will be his own retirement game.

The reason for this was “I decided to go on a direct confrontation with my old friend Iniesta in that I can do it in Japan. There is also a friend in David who played the World Cup with friends in Kobe. “I want to do it while doing what I can do.”

F. Torres said, “There is a level to the football performance among me as a reason for continuing to retire. The reason I decided to retire is the question that I could not reach my best level. I decided to retire, because I wanted to finish my soccer life on my current level, if I could not reach the end in the best condition.

F. Torres, now 35, debuts the top team of Atletico Madrid at the age of 17 in 2001. After four seasons in Liverpool, which moved to summer 2007, he walked with Chelsea and Milan, and returned to Atletico by rental in January 2015. After a complete transfer in the 2016-17 season, he won the European League title in the next season. From 2018 he had a new challenge at Tosu.

Also, F · Torres has been active as a representative of Spain for a long time. He has been a member of the World Cup for the third consecutive time since the German tournament in 2006 and contributes to the first ever victory in South Africa in 2010. Also, EURO, who participated in three consecutive tournaments since 2004, has won 2008 and 2012 consecutive championships.

F. Torres says, “I will retire as a player, but I do not intend to leave the club,” and will support the club as an advisor.


Torres has retired from service.

It is very disappointing that global stars will retire,

I joined the J-League at a serious stage just before retirement, well | ω ·)

I think.

Moreover, it means that they support the club after retiring from the current position.

After a few years, you may have become Japanese fluent.

Because I want to remain after retiring from work,

The relationship with Sagan Tosu was very good

It is so.

Is that a treat?
Is it a problem of feelings?

I do not know

If a world star player supports it

That’s why the great people of Sagan Tosu should also work hard.

Although the peak has passed,

It is true that global stars are increasingly joining the J-League,

It may be that the level of Japanese football is rising year by year.

I want you to gather stars



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