Yoshimoto Kogyo takes part in the entertainer 【Disclaimer】

On June 24, 2019, Yoshimoto Kogyo announced on the company’s website that 11 people, including Hiroyuki Miyasako (49) of the “Awaken Decisive Corps,” had been suspended for the time being from the same day.

“Dark sales” in fraud group was reported

As for the reason, “If you have participated in a meeting organized by an antisocial force that is regarded as a special fraud group,” “It was not the amount that was reported, but you will receive a certain amount of money by participating in the meeting. It was recognized that you were doing “and explained. Miyasako and others were reportedly having attended so-called “dark business” where they did not go through the office, attending the end-of-year party of anti-social forces in “Friday” released in June.

In addition to Mr. Miyasako, Mr. Tamura (47), Riser Ramon, HG (43) of “London Boots No. 1 and No. 2”, Fukushima Yoshinari of “Garrit Chu” (41) Shi (46), Punch ‘The Punch’ Hamasaki (38), Tianjin · Takuhiro Kimura (43), Moody Katsuyama (39), ‘2700’ Hiroyuki Yatoshima (35) and Hiromichi Chomichi (36), Mr. Diego of “Strobaby” (41).

About this discontinuation, “Sponichi annex” informed at 14:00 on June 24 before announcement, and then deleted the article. About it “Hough Post” is at 14 o’clock, “Yoshimoto Kogyo is a courtesy of Hiroyuki Miyasako et al. And Sponichi reports” Yoshimoto Public Relations “misinformation and description”, headline,

“Yoshimoto Kogyo explains to Hough Post’s coverage as” a false alarm “” and reported that Yahoo! It was taken up as “Miyasako et al. Yoshimoto” misinformation “” by the topic of the news. As for the above article, Yoshimoto Kogyo responded to the J-CAST News editorial department at 15:00 on the 24th, “We did not explain that it is a false alarm.”

Note that Sponichi Annex has again delivered an article telling the story, after the sanctions were reported on the website.


Finally Yoshimoto Kogyo has taken measures to apologize.

If it becomes important so far, it can not be translated as an office.

At first, it seems that they tried to put out the fire by giving an apology to the performers involved,

It alone can not be forgiven in the world.

I think there are a lot of people working clean in Yoshimoto Kogyo, so

Even if you think about the inconvenience to such people,

It was impossible to spend without punishment at all.

In that I did not get money,

Maybe I was trying to match the answers,

It is impossible for celebrities on TV to join a year-end party in Tada.

If you were a friend, there is no loss of possibilities,

It is also out to say the scam group and friends,

Either way it was out.

Rather, why not participate because the reward is higher than usual?

The entertainer involved this time is said to be prudent.

I think that there will be no appearance for a while,

A genuine liar is

I really didn’t know
I have not received any thanks.

I think I will keep cutting.

There is no way to participate in a year-end party without compensation without knowing the organization,

It will come out from now


Also look at it.

Goodbye out



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