Kyoto Yodobashi [deal for resale] for the god!

“I only sell to Japanese to prevent resale”-. For those who wish to buy for resale, sightings that the store clerks of Yodobashi Camera, a consumer electronics retailer “Yodobashi Camera”, have taken a resolute response are being spread over SNS.

There is admiration one after another saying “It is wonderful” “I support you”, but is it a fact? I interviewed the same shop.

■ “Eva entertainer” also reacted

On June 24, 2019, the pre-sale of the popular anime “Neon Genesis Evangelion” figure “METAL BUILD Evangelion 2” started.

The reception of “Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Kyoto (Kyoto Yodobashi)” in Kyoto City was also accepted from the same day, and the response from the clerk at that time attracted praise.

If Twitter user who witnessed the reservation column “(Clerk) states that it sells only to Japanese people to prevent resale and starts arranging (Ownerd) how to distinguish product name” etc., more than 3000 retweets (As of noon 25)

“Great! Kiyoshi, Kyoto Yodobashi”
“Kyoto Yodobashi! I support you!”

Compliments to the resolute response appeared one after another. A comedian, Sakura known as “Eva entertainer” Saki Inagaki also tweeted “I’m thankful if you think that you are fighting for true Eva lovers”.

The list price of the item is 24,200 yen (excluding tax), but at the auction site it is traded at a price that is over 10,000 yen. If this witness is a fact, part of the resale will be blocked by the water.

Also trouble occurrence … Head down and seek understanding

The store manager of Yodobashi Kyoto talks about the situation of the day as follows on the 25th, coverage of J-CAST news.

“I have refused to purchase for resale,” he said to the buyer, but at the cash register, there were several customers who said, “I want the same thing as the previous person.” Therefore, when the product name could not be said or the product image could not be presented by the smartphone, the reservation was not accepted.

Although we did not refuse the reservation of foreigners, it was said that there were customers who complained that they could not sell to foreigners and that a problem arose, but “We refuse to purchase for resale purposes. And asked for understanding.

The store manager said, “We will refuse to purchase for resale purposes because we want our customers to come to the store thinking that we really want it,” said that they will take the same action in booking and selling popular products. .

About the response in SNS, “I think that some of the customers in the line are considered to be offensive. Since shopping is a way to have fun, I have shown trouble I think we must reflect on that. ”

It seems that Yodobashi Camera in Kyoto has taken measures to prevent resale.

It seems that they have completely taken the stance of anti-resale.

I am like a second chance,

It would be happy if it could be purchased with the freema app even if it would be a bit expensive.

There is also a place that you think a little,

In the case of sale of limited products etc.

Hiring Chinese lined people,

It seems that there are cases of large share purchases.

Such measures are taken

Rather good thing

I think that it is good to grasp that.

I think there are people who line up without knowing what to buy, so

The standard on whether you understand the product name is just right level.

I am not familiar with Neon Genesis Evangelion,

If you ask me, I’ll be a bit nervous | ω ・)

This measure is how to manage race and discrimination

I think there are also people who will make a loud voice, so

I think it is a difficult problem,

I absolutely want to prevent only buying everything by Chinese.

Because I think that there are relatively few ton demo Japanese people trying to resell while being said to be resale, so

Even if it is said that foreigner discrimination,

It is necessary to regulate foreigners,

It is a very serious problem.

Please make a big buyout failure



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