London Hearts Ryo Tamura Cut 【Nickness Zero】 !?

The appearance of Mr. Ryo Tamura of London boots No. 1 and No. 2 of the London Boots No. 2 for which indefinite discreet disposal was decided by Yoshimoto Kogyo on June 24, 2019, for having attended money at a special fraud group party and received money It has been talked that it has been erased as early as editing.

It is an event on the regular program “London Hearts” (TV Asahi series) broadcasted on the 25th following the prudent decision.

Green shirt that reflects unnaturally

When the show starts, when we switch to guest room Mr. Tamura, who speaks to guest Mr. Kuro (Yasuda Univ. Circus), a person in a green shirt is reflected at the left end of the screen. After that, on the up screen of Mio, the green shirt is occasionally reflected on the left side, and this person seems to be Ms. Tamura.

When the camera projects the studio with a pull at around 4 minutes, the appearance of guest performers and Mr. Tatsumi who is in the moderator’s seat will be seen. Aoi was at the left end of the screen, and looked to the left side (right of Aoi) who was not seen on the screen several times, and there was also a scene that talked. It seems that there was a wolf at this position, and it was cut.

After that, when the chairperson’s seat is projected, Mr. Roh’s up continues and the audience seems to have noticed the editorial intention,

“There is a sense of incongruity with the close-up of this bag”
Many viewers were worried about Mr. Akira’s up and green shirt figures, saying, “It’s a green dress hat next to a rabbit.”

Around 12 minutes, when the guest, Mr. Nicola Fujita, was reflected on the screen, a green shirt was reflected on the left side, and when Mr. Fujita started to say, “I’m also 21 …”, “Yes The voice on the left is heard, and the person on the left acts to play a sumo wrestling. Is this not your voice?

At the end of the 13th minute, Fujita-san and An-Girl’s Takashi Takeshi walk with arms folded, and the left body of the person in the green shirt and trousers in question is shown for a moment. This is probably Ms. Ms. From then on, until the end of the show, the characters of Chirachilla and the green shirt were reflected.

Also, in the second half of the show, seven AC Japan’s commercials were aired in a row, showing the relationship with the sponsor’s back board.

“What do you do with Ametouk!”

Mr. Tatsumi’s name has already been deleted from the performer list on the program site, and even with this broadcast round, the existence at the time of program recording has been erased as much as possible by the aforementioned editing. However, because “London Hearts” originally played most of the moderators of the presidency, Atsushi Tamura played the role.

There was not a small number of impressions that “it is not uncomfortable even if you don’t have a habit.” The broadcast on the 25th was the beginning “※ This program was recorded on June 2nd”, and the telop was included, so it may be possible to see the scene reminiscent of such unnatural editing next time Absent.

“London Hearts” is finished with this kind of editing, but in the same TV Asahi series “Ame Talk”! Hiroyuki Miyasako, who has been silent for a while in “dark sales” as well as Kei Tamura, will be the moderator. It is said that TV Asahi will cut and broadcast the appearance scene of Mr. Miyasako,

It seems that some viewers are interested in saying that “Ame Talk is not going to take place, and it is tough to kill Miyazaki.”

Atsushi Tamura was cut by Ron Har.

I also watched the London Hearts broadcast,

It was completely cut from the screen.

Not to mention conversations, of course,

Aren’t all statements cut off?

The person who was careful seems to have noticed the color of clothes, etc.

I have no memory of such clothes at all,

Are you really in the recording?

It was completely cut off as you thought.

There may have been some exchanges,

It was a finish without discomfort as a variety program.

Well Tamura Kei itself in London Hearts

Because it is like not usually

It may not affect so much fun.

It won’t work so well if this becomes Ametoko’s impetus.

Because there are a lot of parts where Miyasako shakes and the conversation starts,

The part that is reflected,

If you do not broadcast the voice of the conversation,

It seems to become almost skaska content.

Is it finally the limit of AMETOK?

Or does MC need to be Miyasako?

As an individual, I think that the quality will be maintained sufficiently even if Chihara Junior will preside.

There will be some problems with schedules, etc.

I would like to check the future flow.

Is the show already over?



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