What is the secret of Takeda Shinji [rebreak]?

The cause of the rebreak is “Everybody doing muscle exercises” broadcasted by NHK General for only 5 minutes over 4 days of August 27-30 last year. It was Takeda that was mixed with three men who trained their muscles silently. What everyone doubted was that it was not the old “he”. Entertainment reporter says.

“I was selected for the second Grand Prix of the” Junon Super Boy Contest “, a beautiful men’s contest sponsored by the female entertainment magazine ‘JUNON’ in ’89, and I made a debut. He was active in dramas and movies, but his muscle Mukimuki’s macho is now the opposite of what he sees now, with a slender body and a neutral image with Isida Odari (44), from a feminine place “Femi man “Pichi T,” which emphasizes the delicate body they wore in the drama, was also popular.

Suddenly, I was surprised that I began to turn Macho into Uri.

It was tengu

“He had a leading role in dramas and the like until the mid 90’s, but then he turned aside. At that time, among the staff, he was famous for being a man who bothered dramas and music programs. It was popular, so it was also a temperament, and I was complaining to the studio, preparing that, and I was saying a lot here, so it wasn’t good enough. My job was reduced, but at that time I was suffering from temporomandibular disorders, and my doctor told me that it was better to put on my muscles. The result is that present body, and it also seems that the person’s awareness has changed as he was trained in a supporting role during that time.

Originally the rating of the play was high. In “Ohodo” (99), the late work of the director Oshima, he played the newly elected team, Soji Okita, and received the Blue Ribbon Award for Supporting Actor Award.

“Because awareness has changed, it is easy to use as an actor because it has the ability originally. The movie” Diner Diner “will not be released on July 5 and work as an actor will increase in the future Also, the comments given at press conferences, etc. are insanely funny words, so they are also suitable for variety, because a new weapon called “muscle diet” is added, so it is strong. The theme song used in the “Zemi” muscle diet was also distributed as his single song and released on June 24. Anything from the office, “You can earn as much as you can with muscle, your favorite music and the stage “I will let you do the musical.” It is likely to continue to be popular for a while. ”

It is the reason for the rebreak that it became mukimki and there is no stability.


Shinji Takeda is breaking again.

With a character that does not know what you are thinking

It is this Shinada Takeda that is drawn to a variety program,

After all I think that the momentum from muscle exercises is great.

Because I was a former good-looking member, I knew it from before,

When I was out for a while

With a little supporting role

I remember as many times that I did not talk much.

When the final round comes

A state that is already plump | ω ·)

There was no such thing as breaking so much.

Depending on the perspective

Are you sure it’s over?

Aren’t there many people who thought that?

That’s a big break now, so I don’t know the entertainment world.

At the same time, Akiko Tomohara, who was in a similar position

It is a big break now | ω ·)

I feel like I became more powerful with my husband.

I just couldn’t figure it out just looking at it

The potential as an entertainer may be high.

If it says in an extreme way

It may be said that the momentum is stronger than the regular current condition Ninety Nine.

I want everyone to make muscle exercises the latest work more and more,

Is it somewhat strange from now on? I want to laugh with you.

Potential of entertainers



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