Slim club [disregardless indefinitely] disposal!

On the 27th, Yoshimoto Kogyo announced that the comedy duo “Slim Club” and “2700” had been on a blackout at a meeting of gangsters and had been put on hold indefinitely. The two groups did not recognize the attendees as anti-social forces, but the company judged that they were disposed of. The “2700” just took part in the party of the wire transfer fraud group without passing through the office, and just received sanctions with “The Rainfall Decisive Corps” Hiroyuki Miyasako (49) and others for receiving money.

Yoshimoto Kogyo reports disposal to the media companies by fax. According to the company, four of “Slim Club” Maeda Ken (43) and Uchima Masanari (43), “2700” Hiroyuki Yatoshima (35) and Hiromichi Hitoshi (36) are about three years ago at other offices Participate by being asked directly to perform the performance at the restaurant owner’s birthday party through the acquaintance performer of. It is said that a certain amount of money has been received as the compensation.

Today’s weekly magazine “FRIDAY” (Kodansha), released on the 28th, reported that “Slim Club” had been working dark at the birthday party for the head of the head of the head of the designated gang “Inagawakai” No. 3. It is reported that the meeting was held around August 16th, with the Korean club in Kawasaki City being used as a loan, and the shirtless inner part is made by connecting several 1000-yen bills and the necklace is lowered and the piece is signed Has been posted.

It was also newly found that 2700 was present during Yoshimoto Kogyo’s continuous survey.

In the coverage of this paper, it was the brokerage entertainer B who intervened. The slim club club is expected to cost 100,000 yen to 150,000 yen, and after showing one neta, it seems to have had a party with the guests. An acquaintance of B said, “I heard that B has worked with the organizer several times. B called out to the slim club saying that it was a party of the construction company president. They went to the spot for the first time “That’s right.”

At Yoshimoto Kogyo, it was just unveiled this month that he was participating in a party of a wire fraud group, in the dark business where the affiliated entertainer works without passing through the office. Kateaka Shine (42), who played the role of intermediaries, canceled the contract, and Miyasako and 2700 who participated, and 11 Tadashi Tamura (47) of London boots No. 2 and 2, 11 people were dismissed on the 24th.

Maeda wrote in a document through the office, “It’s a very painful thing to think that this is sweet and it has become like this.” Uchima said, “I want to be a person who can face myself in this state of mind and talk about my own way of life.”

◆ Slim club Ken Maeda (Madada Ken) Born in March 1, 1976 (Sho 51), 43 years old from Okinawa Prefecture. Bokeh charge. Masanari Uchima (Masamari Uchima) Born in June 19, 1976 (Sho 51), 43 years old from Okinawa Prefecture. I’m in charge. I became acquainted in 1997 while forming a Ryukyu university student. Moved to Tokyo in 2003 and entered Yoshimoto Kogyo. In 10 years, I broke by winning the second place in the “M-1 Grand Prix”. The final in the same tournament in 16 years.

◆ 2700 Hiroyuki Yasoshima (Hiroshima Yatoshima = Yasoshima · Hiroyuki) Born in March 22nd, 1984 (Sho 59), 35 years old from Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Hiromichi Tsunemichi (Honna Tsunemichi Hirose) Born in October 15, 1982 (57 years old) on October 15, she is 36 years old from Izumi City, Osaka Prefecture. Formed in February 2008. Runner-up with King of Conte in 11 years. The name was changed to “Tsunehatchan” in 17 years and returned to 2700 in 18 years.

The slim club has been treated for indefinite period of care.

Such troubles have become clear one after another in Yoshimoto Kogyo,

Is that really all this?

I think that.

Not only the nuance that bad sales are bad,

It simply seems to mean sales not through the office,

Because the people themselves do the black sales,

Responsibility in case something goes wrong,

Contractual damage, etc. may be their own responsibility.

Yoshimoto Kogyo is a good news

There is little salary

Because it is said that the office

There may be people who are important for the life of the dark sales.

However, it’s a secret business in the office secretly, so

As an office, there are parts that can not protect the entertainer when trouble occurs.

Because it is betrayed in a sense,

It may be unavoidable that it disappears from the television indefinitely.

Not only that the office is poor,

Possibly, such as Miyasako and the bond of Rombu are contracts of television programs, etc.

Because I think that it is a state that is generating a great deal of damage,

It is a problem in the world

The lie of the contradiction | ω ·)

There is a possibility that I was being trained with the office.

As a result liars squeezed their own neck as a result.

This year is a great year



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