Miyasako is [gyoretsu] to get off! The substitute role is Chihara Junior!

Hiroyuki Miyasako, a comedian, a rising star, who died after attending a large-scale fraud group’s year-end party and receiving money in December 2014, and was given a penny on 24th from his affiliation, Yoshimoto Kogyo. It has been found that 49) is going to disembark on a regular appearance on NTV-based “law counseling office” (Sunday, later 9.00) which had appeared regularly. Currently, Miyasako is also in charge of the weekly MC, and the substitute role will be the same Yoshimoto entertainer, Chihara Junior (45).

A further “penalty” has been added to Miyasako, which has been subject to indefinite sanctions. According to some officials, Miyasako’s image was greatly degraded by the fact that it initially made a false response to “don’t receive” about giving and receiving money. It is said that the situation is that “TV return itself is hopeless” because there has been an affair in the past.

In addition, “matrix-” deals with the law, and it is a program that a lawyer army corps appears, and the “hurdle” of compliance is higher than other programs. Therefore, it seems that the disapproval of Miyasako where money transfer from antisocial forces was discovered was decided early.

It is Chihara Junior who belongs to the same Yoshimoto Kogyo company and is almost the same. A light talk not dressed in teeth is popular regardless of age and sex, and it is equal to “格” in terms of Miyasashi. There is no experience of having caused a scandal in the past, and even the TBS series “Vibit” (Mon-Fri, 8.00 BC), who appeared on the 25th, strongly criticizes Miyasako et al. They are looking at their own “innocence”.

The MCs of “The Procession-” are currently serving weekly, with Miyazaki and Koji Tono (51) and Football Hour and Teruki Goto (45). It is recorded to the broadcast on July 14 at the moment, and the appearance scene of Miyasako will be broadcast after “considering as much as possible”.

Shinji Shimada (63), the first MC, also dropped the program in the form of retiring from the world of entertainment in 2011 by companionship with the gang. After eight years, links with antisocial forces have also had a profound effect on the program.


Miyasako seems to drop the procession.

The influence of the black sales problem by Yoshimoto Kogei is growing.

Yoshimoto Kogyo is famous for its low salary compared to other offices, so

Businesses that do not go through the office will inevitably increase in order to live.

Probably, the moths of Miyasako and Rombu were participating,

Because rewards are expensive

That’s right.

However, the more expensive the reward

It is true that the risk is high.

And I was barred for a complete out.

It has been a difficult situation as an office, but

It may be said that such a thing happens because the sales which do not go through the office increase.

There are no young people who can not live,

Enforce contract standards,

If you have paid a certain amount,

The need to operate in secret will diminish.

There are many people who get stuck in sweet stories,

It was a problem that the rule of the office tradition or ambiguous | ω ·)

I think that the involved performers are angry from the office,

It is the sweetness of the rules of the office,

In a sense, it can be said that the self- made-up part is included.

Because Miyasako and Samurai are not in a position to suffer in life,

It is simply a liar for the purpose of compensation.

It is okay if you have Chihara Junior



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